Why isn’t Panic to Freedom Free?

Why isn’t Panic to Freedom Free?

ResourceThis topic seems to come up a lot ;)  So if you’re here, reading this, chances are you followed one of those links.  I expect this page will be the most visited on the site.  Maybe with one exception, the financial hardship page. Ironic to be sure.

In fact, this page and the financial hardship page together will probably surpass all the other page-views combined.

Why?  Because it is the fundamental challenge facing the human race, the allocation of resources.

That’s pretty obvious isn’t it?  From the seemingly ‘top’ to the seemingly ‘bottom’… The ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’?  It’s pretty clear to anyone looking that ‘it’s’ unequal.

So what is the top, what is the bottom?  What do the ‘haves’ have?  What do the ‘have nots’ lack?  What’s unequal?

Money of course, right?  Hmm…  is that really what’s missing?  Money?  If you were hungry, what would you rather have?  Food, or some sort of paper, coin, or even an electronic screen representing a number?

Numbers don’t fill you up all that much, forgive the sarcasm…  especially electronic ones.  But you know all that already, that money in itself doesn’t have value at all… it is simply a measurement that is supposed to represent the value of something.

So what’s unequal then, the money or the thing it represents, the value…

iStock_ValueIt seems kinda tricky doesn’t it.  Value isn’t very static.  It’s ever changing.  There was a time that paying for water would have been considered ridiculous… today it is a billion dollar industry.

But something as basic as water should certainly be free to everyone shouldn’t it?  I agree.

So what does free mean?

Does it mean that I shouldn’t have to ‘pay’ for water, or does it mean that it should be delivered to me whenever I want it?  Or maybe only when I ‘need’ it, or am unable to get it for myself?

Hmm, I wonder then, who should be delivering it to me?  Who will determine when I ‘need’ it, versus when I ‘want’ it?  Who’s responsibility is to decide if I am unable, or simply unwilling?

I’d like to decide those things for myself, and I bet you would too?

I’d like to be the one making the decision if I should buy something I need or want.  I’d like to be the one to decide who I should buy it from, when I should buy it and how much I should pay for it.

What’s the cost of free?  Let’s take a company like walmart for example, that pay’s their employees less than a living wage.  I think it’s fair to call what walmart does, both stateside and even more so in the asia’s, monstrous… having the ugly appearance of a monster…

It’s funny, in a confusing sort of way, that when Jordan and I ask for money for our dedicated labors and resources i.e. Panic to Freedom… we are chastised by some as money grubbing, selfish, sometimes even called monsters…

We are told, very much like the wal-mart employees, that we should be grateful for whatever donation may come our way and instead of asking for money we should give our dedicated labors away for ‘the good of the company’…  free. That our asking for a fair compensation is selfish, some how not in service to the greater good, even sometimes called monstrous.

Maybe that’s happened to you a time or two?  I bet it has, it’s the double standard we all try to live up to that’s kept us wondering how we can have abundance, all of us without leaving anyone out.

wal-mart-relies-on-taxpayers-to-subsidize-low-wagesHow ironic isn’t it? That when we ask some ‘thing’ like Wal-Mart to stop being a monster, pay it’s employees fairly, that seems so right…

But when WE are asked to do the same… pay those who work diligently and full of effort to make something available for us..  we scoff and call that monstrous too.

Stings a little bit when I think about it.  I’ve done it.  I’ve said it too…  That should be free.

I spent almost a year trying to figure out how to make the Panic to Freedom program free…  because I want everyone to see it.  I think it’s good, very good, full of value.

The math just didn’t add up… Funny, we almost went broke doing it too…  how ironic.

So that’s why Panic to Freedom isn’t free, it literally can’t be, it exists because of the purposeful application of our will, efforts and resources, and if that were to stop, so would the program.

And so it can’t be free, it exists only through collective effort.

But you are, we are.

You always have been, and always will be.  You are free to think it’s garbage and not buy it, you are free to think it’s full of value and put your money toward it.

You are free to love it, to hate it, use it, don’t use it… even ask for a refund.

We made it for you.  You are free to do with it as you please.

All my love,



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