The Biggest Secret About Fear

Each day when we wake up and go to school or work we run into fear.  It isn’t something that we can avoid and often if we try to hide from it life looses its flavor.

business-man-hiding-under-desk-pop_11889Fear is everywhere we go, talking to people, driving in busy traffic, getting bills in the mail, or the deadline coming up for school or work.  What makes facing fears so hard is that often our first instinct is to avoid them all together.

When we are uncomfortable we will take a different route to work, avoid people in the hall ways, and sometimes even not answer our phones in order to avoid the possibility of a fearful situation.

What if I told you that everyone felt the same way?

The biggest secret about fear is that EVERYONE is afraid. The trick to living a powerful life is having the courage to be bold anyway.

The difference between successful people and the people who live mediocre lives is the courage to take life by the reins and DO something about it!

This video is a powerful demonstration of how overcoming fear can dramatically change your life.

 Just like this video shows when you are scared to face a situation or person that is causing you fear our natural tendency will be to pull away.  To start backing away.  For me the longer I hesitate to act the harder it becomes to actually follow through with what it is that I need to do.

social_anxiety.304154428_stdOften the biggest thing that ends up holding us back is our own minds.  We tell ourselves stories about how we cant do it or that we will say something wrong.  Because of this we start avoiding our problems instead of charging head on and bravely finding out ‘how bad could it really be?’

The longer we avoid fears and problems in our life the more life will become something we dread as oppose to something that brings us excitement and joy.  Fear and excitement are practically identical emotions it is just our perception that changes how we react to them.

imgresOne example of this is a riding a roller coaster.  The same feeling that makes some people squeal in excitement is also the same sensation that causes others to scream in fear.

When it comes to things in our lives that are actually dangerous our instinct of fear is a powerful tool to protect us and shouldn’t be ignored.  Often times though in this society we aren’t being chased by wolves.  Often our fear has to do with giving a presentation in front of a crowd or speaking to a person we have a crush on.

Example from my life:

In my personal life I have made a lot of very big changes.  My husband and I recently gave away and sold everything we had and moved across the country in order to follow our dreams.  It may appear to others that there wasn’t fear involved but it is actually the opposite.

Even the night before I left on the journey I could hardly sleep.  My heart was pounding and my brain was making up all sorts of reasons why I couldn’t follow through with my plans.


What I did to help myself move forward was to create powerful points of no return.  In this example come of my powerful points of no return was putting in my two weeks notice at work, finding someone to take over my contract, finding homes for my pets, giving away and selling all of my stuff, and buying the plane tickets.

IMG_0450All of those things showed the universe and everyone in it that I was serious about facing my fears and starting a new adventure in my life.  On an energetic level it created a current that helped carry me through the times where I was the most scared.

If you want to see more about my journey check out the videos here.

If we start today being bold with little things we will find that it is easier to face bigger and bigger fears.  Eventually we will be able to powerfully transform our life in a way that inspires others to also be brave.

10373778_308487929305852_8616485747171967722_nLook for Examples of leaders in your life, people who face fear frequently and keep going.  Follow their examples and ask your self ‘what does it take to me more like that?’

My greatest inspirations for boldly following my dreams is Ray & Jordan, the creators and back bone of Panic to Freedom and so much more. They have truly made a huge difference in my life and helped me transform it into one of freedom.

Check out this video below to see the inspiration that you can be to other people when you have the courage to face your fears.

 What tools have you found in your life to face your fears and live your life boldly?  Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for reading,


Panic to Freedom Team


  1. Joel Antinazi says:

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  2. Why do you keep sending me messages about a relaunch and other exciting things you are working on? You haven’t done anything here since September 2014!! That’s a year and a half!! You put up these websites and gave young people a false support. You appeared as people to look up to. Yet you turned out to be just another click site getting paid for ads. Wow.

  3. Do you know what a good timing you have every time I get your emails. It is like you know what is going on and that I can use some help. Thank you SO much. I can describe my feelings but one thing I am sure of: I am infinitely grateful. <3

    • Really? They keep sending messages about a relaunch and other exciting things they are working on? Yet haven’t done anything here since September 2014!! That’s a year and a half!! Greedy people put up these websites and give young people a false support. They appeared as people to look up to. Yet they turned out to be just another click site getting paid for ads. Wow.

  4. Luis Andrade says:

    Thank you very much! This helps me stop being afraid of fear.

  5. Thank you very much for your words Kirsten,
    I’ve sharing and translating yours Jordan’s and Ray’s texts into Portuguese for a while longer. You have been of a great inspiration for me and others in Brazil.
    Much love :o)

  6. Arif Al-Saeh says:

    this may sound odd but i learned pickup skills over the past 2 years and it really really REALLY changed my life

  7. The biggest fear is the fear of ourselves.

    We are so afraid to discover ourselves that we use other people as a mirror of us….and we love and hate those people at the same time…
    We need to meet the I and fall in love with the Universe we are …and if in that Universe there is no fear our lives will be fearless :)
    So in moment of fear I trust myself :)

  8. Doe Renée says:

    When i feel fearful/stressed, I simply allow myself to get connected to the fear. Allow it to be, and stop resisting it. Then, it passes more naturally and it gets easier over time. I transform the fear energy into gratitude by thinking of people and aspects of my life I am grateful for.

  9. Diana Wilson says:

    When I am having a moment that I wish to let go of…….. I check out your site and find myself in harmony once again. You have saved my life on at least 2 occasions and I have shared with everyone I know just how vital this information that you present….. gives me peace of mind and a healthy heart. THANK-YOU to the entire team.


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