Is Panic or Freedom leading the charge?

Wow! Just Wow! I have seen pictures of something this incredible before, but watching a video takes it to a whole new level.

This is something that Ray sent to me this morning, and upon watching it I was just amazed at the courage and love that is present between Man and Beast in this video.

He told me he found it on, and if this is your blog, THANK YOU so much for sharing it! It was great :)

What was very interesting to us was not only what this man is doing and the connection that he is sharing with the Lions… but we also found a remarkable interest in the comments section on the blog. There were a lot of different perspectives about what was going on, and it seemed apparent that the place in which people were coming from was either Panic, or Freedom.

There were a number of comments that were much like this one.

lioncomment1 It’s obvious to see that upon watching the video, this person had a response that was inspired, feeling a sense of connection to what Kevin Richardson was doing out there in Africa.

On the other hand, there were a number of comments like this one.


What’s interesting to me is where this comment was written from. I recognize the intent, at the core, this person is obviously interested in keeping people safe. He or She is concerned for peoples safety and doesn’t want to see people get hurt or eaten by wild animals… but at the same time, there is a level of insult that comes a long with it.

He says “These acts, while seemingly beautiful and touching, are nothing more than stupid and ignorant”. What part about it is stupid and ignorant? Kevin is demonstrating that it is in fact possible to come to a space of friendship with these creatures, and it’s clear that he knows how to do it.

Nobody is saying that you should run into the wild and start hugging bears and tigers just to see what happens, but simply to recognize that if this is possible… who is to say that someone else couldn’t do it? That there is a level of safety that can be obtained in spaces like this. Sure, accidents happen, but its clear that if the lions wanted to eat Kevin, they would have done so already.

I recognize the safety precautions, it’s always important to be safe, but once you have achieved a level of safety that you are comfortable with, you can then venture out beyond what you know, and into something new. An uncharted world where anything is possible.

And clearly, it is in fact possible to make friends with lions. Personally, I think it’s enchanting that we can have that kind of relationship with an animal. Many of us have experienced that level of connection with dogs and cats, so why not with just slightly larger ones?

Think about it :)

ps. If you want to read more of the comments where we found these ones above, check this page out here. 


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  6. Melvin Perdomo says:

    It is amazing that we can make these connections with animals. Makes me wonder what we could achieve if we could learn to coexist. It is a beautiful world full of wonders after all.

  7. Recently i came by upon this news article:

    I bet the experts also thought of the same thing: These acts, while seemingly beautiful and touching, are nothing more than stupid and ignorant”…..

    I personally feel that these ‘experts’ have to be always cynical about it. :(

  8. It was a very enlightening experience. I’m understanding it more that we all have freedom of choice. When informed we can make decisions based on the info that has been received about the subject considered. It doesn’t right to deem someone else’s choices good or bad. The choice is that of the chooser, and so are the effects. Lessons and blessings life is filled with them. Some blessings may seem obvious to the receiver and his “observers”. As well, others seem to take on a character a lot of us find disturbing. The soul intended it. To me people who make choices out of love they do so with great acceptance of responsibility. For the rest of us, at least for me, its’ a choice of living in full honor and glory or surviving through limitations and doubts. Wonderful vid…Thanks for sharing… :)

  9. Rayford Joseph says:

    fills my heart with warmth and joy

  10. Stuart Wooster says:

    Regarding the Timothy Treadwell and bears incident; he very much had a relationship with the bears in much the same way as this gentleman has with the lions. It was sad that he came to such an unfortunate end, and from what I know of his relationship with the bears he also thought along the lines of “Sure, accidents happen, but its clear that if the [bears] wanted to eat [me], they would have done so already.”

    I think the choices that both men have taken is one of love and not to fear death, this has then enabled them to have these beautiful experiences. In Timothy’s case the ending wasn’t pleasant but he choose that path and had those experiences that people thought were impossible – in much the same way Dian Fossey followed what she believed was the right thing to do, even though people advised her to leave.

  11. This one is from Kuusamo, Finland.

  12. It is truly amazing
    Thank you for everything

  13. Alton Lindhorst says:

    Beautifully inspiring !!! THANK You !!!! for Sharing . :) <3 :) !! …


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