Tips to Transform: Being Overwhelmed


Does this ^^ accurately represent the way you’re feeling? Ready to throw up the white flag? I know for the past couple days I have been swamped with deadlines, places to be, and things to do. Honestly it has been overwhelming, so I’ve put together a list of things that can help if you’re in the same place.

1. Most importantly, breathe.
By watching our breath, we can accomplish an abundance of greatness all at once.

a. Through the observation of our breath, we bring ourselves back into the present moment; we can be aware of what is. Often times we begin to feel overwhelmed in the first place because we make the situation out to be worse than it actually is. As we return to our breath, we can more accurately evaluate and adapt to the current moment we are in. We can also decipher between which “stories” looping in our head are actually benefiting us.

b. We are feeding our bodies with energy. When we are feeling weak, the best thing we can do for ourselves is notice the natural beauty of the breath. It is always there, thank you. As we follow this exercise we can diverge our attention from what “needs to get done”, and place it into space of connection. Notice the infinite cycle of the breath. Where does the breath start? Where does it end? Can you find the space in between? Notice how somewhere, as you breathe in oxygen, a plant thanks you for the carbon dioxide.

c. Goodness, by taking notice to our breath we are slowing down our heart rate, massaging our organs, releasing muscle tension, as well as bettering our posture… and the list continues, but I think you’re on board.

Try it: in through your nose, and out through your mouth x5= instantly better mood.


2. Ask, “what makes me happy?”
Some examples of what makes me happy are listening to music, going on walks (with my shoes off), drawing, cooking, dancing, learning, sharing a great hug, or doing something totally outside of my comfort zone. Go ahead, ask yourself…
Once you’ve chosen, all you need is to make yourself happy! You deserve it. Remember that we are here to enjoy ourselves, so be kind and give yourself a break if you need one.
Notice what makes you happy. Make a list. I have a friend that actually takes a picture every day of something that makes her happy.

(note): Here it is suggested to participate only in what will wholly benefit us. There are things that “make us happy” such as drugs and alcohol which may actually lead us down an unintended path.

3. Let time get away from you.

Take the time, to not keep track of it. Birds fly, bees buzz, and cats lounge just fine without a watch.
Plug in some head phones, close your eyes, and give yourself permission to truly listen.


4. Stretch

Get down on the floor, and get to bendin’! Not only does this relieve muscle tension and provide our muscles/body with additional oxygen, but it is also allows us to release the toxins we pick up through panic, anxiety, and tension.

Here is a free mindful Yin Yoga class:

Even if you do the first 15 minutes you will fill loads better.

5. Tell someone/something that you love… that you love them. <3

This could be yourself, the Earth, a K9 friend, a lovely flower close by, or a stranger. Let your heart speak! Give it a voice.

Hopefully this list of techniques can help us when we feel the walls are closing in. We have the ability to consciously shape and transform our realities, isn’t it beautiful?

With so much love,



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  2. Marta Sousa says:

    Thank you! I agree with Lynn Henry when he said “You guys always email me these blogs in the most divinely timed moments. ” :)

  3. you know, this is not the first time i read the article but some some reason know that I got it as an update in a newsletter it has a better timing.
    I thank you for making me feel included some how. There are days in which I just simply feel so out.
    Thank you

  4. Thank you Morgan! I look forward to your newsletters. I love this article!

  5. Lynn Henry says:

    You guys always email me these blogs in the most divinely timed moments. I felt overwhelmed today and recently went to the largest Buddhist Temple in the Northern Hemisphere and just happened to attend a free dinner and meditation class. And it was with someone backpacking across California I only met once before years ago in Pennsylvania. Funny how life works out. Anyway thank you for just being love and light. It’s extremely refreshing in THE most phenomenal way. Keeps the souls fed and the egos starved. NAMASTÉ

  6. mary botwright says:

    thank you truly lovely with much love xxx Mary

  7. Sean Cabuchola says:

    wow thankyou so much this really helped me. Thanks for the free yoga as well!!


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    Tips to Transform: Being Overwhelmed – Panic To Freedom


    Tips to Transform: Being Overwhelmed – Panic To Freedom


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