Transformation (Community Call Clip)


When we are open and honest with ourselves, we notice that there are situations we would like to change in our lives. In potential transformation moments, instead of expanding into our desired creation, often times we focus on what we don’t want to see and find ourselves in loops of panic and anxiety.

Today we talk about a way to move from what is causing our issues, to movement toward freedom.

The power of the mind is represented in one of the Panic to Freedom principles: story as a story. Instead of being subjected to the confusion of the mind living out an upsetting story, what is stopping us from picking up the pen ourselves and writing our own scripts? Have fun writing the story of your life! As a main character in your life, what connections will you enjoy making, what fears will you conqueror, and what adventures shall you experience?

What does freedom look like to you? How can this freedom be shared?

The Universe twists, turns, and changes constantly, which can be scary. We’re here to tell you: change does not have to be painful, it can be seen as an opportunity for growth. Change is what allows us to transform; without it, we would be stagnant.

At this point it may seem like, “this is all easier said than done.” Let’s face it, in reality there are a number of factors that come to play; bosses, maybe parents seemingly standing between you and that place of happiness. What can we do?

Here’s where it comes down to perspectives. Everyone is viewing the same Universe through different subjective lenses. Knowing we are all doing the best we can with what we have assists in the broadening of our perspective. Expanding our awareness into a space of compassion and understanding can alleviate the stress gathered through the process of working through hiccups. Don’t fool yourself, hiccups happen.

Challenge yourself to interact with what seems to be standing in the way in a calm and collected fashion. There is a always another side, another way of viewing the situation, explore these views.

I’ll recreate an analogy Kirsten shared with me once that seems to fit here. When our perspectives aren’t matched and we aren’t willing to see someone’s side, our hearts become distant. When our hearts are distant, we feel we must yell to be heard. If we have the understanding that we are all doing what we can with what we have, our hearts can communicate civilly.

With so much love,
Morgan, Ray, Jordan, & The Panic to Freedom Team


  1. Hi everyone. I realize I’m posting on this a bit late, but I have been going through a lot of change recently and wanted to add my opinion and experiences. I also wanted to comment about sustainable homes.

    I think change can feel painful, like shedding an old skin and mentally changing the way you view the world because change takes work sometimes. It can also be a release of old, negative energy and a welcoming of new, positive energy (assuming it is good change). I have been finding it difficult to merge my two career interests together in a way that makes it easy to market myself for a professional job and have been trying mentally to stuff myself into a career “box” that employers can understand that I feel is a representation of myself.

    I agree 100% about communication and making sure we understand the other person’s motives and point of view. My husband and I did not speak the same language when we met, and the easier it gets for us to understand each other, the better we get along. In some ways, speaking different languages has helped us because we make sure that we understand each other rather than assuming that we understand what the other person meant by a particular comment. Most of my family was against me changing career fields (fashion to medicine) because they thought I didn’t want to work and/or didn’t understand what it would be like to work in the fashion industry. I wasn’t against working in the fashion industry, but I want to be a doctor more. With my husband’s support, I am taking the steps to make my dream a reality. When I sat down and explained this to my family, not all of them agreed with me but at least they slowly began to accept it. Now that I’m about to apply to medical school, they believe that I’m serious about it and support me. Sometimes, change takes time.

    As for sustainable homes, I would recommend looking into straw bale and adobe homes as well as other types of rammed earth homes. There are some carcinogens in tires, and I am not sure what the long-term affects of living in an earthship would be, or if the rammed earth in the walls would render the chemicals inert. The other sustainable home idea that I have really come to love is the current tiny house (RV/trailer style) trend. (You can make it from recycled materials). Also, if you search online, you can find information about building your own (or buying an) aquaponics greenhouse that can feed a family of four with enough food left over to sell to the local community as well as similar ideas. There are mixed reviews on the health affects of indoor gardening. Also, you may want to read up on worm composting and using chickens to till the topsoil naturally. I haven’t been able to do any of this yet, but it is my dream to one day be able to afford to do so. Pinterest has some interesting ideas for eco-friendly furniture, but I try to live by the motto of “health first”, so I would recommend making sure the materials you are using are healthy (no mold, no other carcinogens). However, this is my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

  2. earthship are definitely open to vaotiairns of building, just as long as it doesnt compromise the integrity of the building. the idea with building them is yes, they are labour intensive but you build them in community. if you are building a house that encounters natural community’ such as sun, rain, contour of your land, wind, etc, then it makes sense to get built by a community of humans. that takes the workload off and makes it possible for the home to be completed in a very short amount of time. now, as far as i am aware, rachi sent you an email that i was added to, letting you know that i was going to be in the blue mountains doing a talk and we were going to try and set up a work day out at your place. we never heard back from you. if you would like, we could advertise a skill share day by making an event through the facebook page if that works for you? there is already a big earthship following in the blue mountains as a result of the talk we did so it should be easy enough to round up people for you

  3. Hi guys! I really love what you are doing here. I have a few ideas in mind which came from different thoughts of friends and myself getting together and chatting. What are our goals? To live in self-sustainable homes that will Save the Planet, Our mother-Earth, free from corporation slavery, and to have the liberty to do what makes us happy! One idea is to create a facebook/youtube/paypal page explaining our goals, we were thinking of building earthships, so people who are interested in helping build and able to own one would pitch in $50/month to buy the land/materials. Also we would need to look for serious investors who would help us purchase acres to start our own like-minded community. With earthships built, we would be free of bills. Another idea for this community would be starting a farm where we would grow fruits/veggies to feed us. And also sell our products such as produce, jams, art, baked goods, etc.. to raise money for things that we need for our people like toiletries and so on. Everyone living in this community would have a role or part. So the goal is to find dedicated and enlightened beings who can make this happen. I don’t know where you guys are located but I’m from Texas :)

  4. Indigenous Spirit says:

    In this material seeking age, where money is the a representation of the value of your labor, and the senses of all of modern civilization is perpetually influenced by media moguls with the most viewed programs, the most TRANSFORMATION in my experience occurred when I turned thirty five and stopped believing that death was a great way to escape financial responsibility or burden and TRANSFORMATION is still occurring at my ripe age of 40.
    I felt like I was not meant to be in this world. I believe I was indoctrinated to believe that if I am not materially wealthy, that I am not a meaningful part of society.
    When younger individuals begin to realize this is not true and parents understand that this is the way that their children have been influenced to think, you either bond stronger with your parents or go your separate ways. This doesn’t mean you lose all contact, it simply means that you no longer give authority to their opinions of how to make decisions.
    I no longer based all of my decisions on the burden of financial power that leaves me longing for satisfaction and alway just short of pleasure, perpetually chasing hope which leads to nothing without a change in behavior.
    I based my decisions on a belief that every one I make, first begins as chaos and has the potential, with the help of my WILL to see them through to the end or decide I am being vain, to TRANSFORM my thought or decisions into a feeling of pleasure.or satisfaction. For me the opinions of good and evil no longer exist. I base my decisions on whether they will lead to chaos or harmony, not only for me, but for all that seek refuge under my protection.
    I no longer believe I AM WHO I AM because I have been given the power to change, I now believe I WILL BE WHAT I HAVE THE WILL TO BECOME.

  5. you guys are awesome….as all ways. great video, greater music! perhaps one of these days i can do a ‘hangout session with you all as teal and others. thanks for the insight!!!! ~just being

  6. Shealan says:

    Hi guys
    Thanx for that wonderful video clip. This is definitely one I wish I could have attended. I have been struggling with transformation through repetitive mental patterns and ongoing health issues. I feel as is I am always I. The we g place at the wrong time. As if something g is stopping g me from transforming, developing and transcending. But it’s wonderful to hear what you said at the end of the video: tha everyone is exactly where they are suppose to be.
    I think a lot if trust is required in all of this. That the right stuff will present itself at the right time
    Thank you again
    I hope to Jon one of these chats soon:)

    • Morgan Riestis says:

      Our hearts and healing energy go out to you. Continue to stay strong and remember that you are exactly where you need to be. A lot of us deal with negative repetitive mental patterns, so thank you for bringing that up. When meditating let that voice know that it is loved and safe, and understand that you are an observer of its chatter. It has its purpose, but the goal is to use it to our benefit, not let it dictate our lives and what we manifest!
      Sending the best of vibes you and the rest of our global tribe <3

  7. Shealan says:

    Hi guys
    Thanx for that wonderful video clip. This is definitely one I wish I could have attended. I have been struggling with transf


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