What’s the deal with Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of those things that a LOT of people have, but nobody seems to know what causes it.

Sure, you can google “What causes anxiety” and you’ll find something like this “Anxiety disorders may be caused by environmental factors, medical factors, genetics, brain chemistry, substance abuse, or a combination of these. It is most commonly triggered by the stress in our lives.”

Is it just me, or is this one of the most vague answers you’ve ever heard? That quote was taken off of MedicalNewsToday, one of the most credible sites for medical information.

For most people, they see something like that and say “Yeah, stress, the environment, that’s why i have anxiety… Okay, i guess that’s it then”. That answer is satisfactory.

anxiety2 I’d like to take it a few steps deeper. This page says anxiety is “caused by environmental factors”…. what factors exactly would that be? It says that it’s “most commonly triggered by the stress in our lives”. Why do we have the stress in the first place? What are we doing collectively as a species that 40 million people in the US alone have anxiety?

What are we doing that’s created Anxiety to be the most common mental illness in the U.S.? 

Ever notice that these websites never answer questions like that? You see how were going deeper?

I’m not even joking about that, here’s a statistic from another medical website, that says “Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older (18% of U.S. population).”

This is unnatural. Can you see another species in nature where almost half of the species is “mentally ill”?

And here’s another question… Why is it that we’ve labelled anxiety as a mental illness? By labeling it as one, we’ve made the problem about the individual person. It’s essentially saying “Hey, if you have anxiety, there is something wrong with you.” 

With Panic to Freedom, we’ve taken a different approach. We are far more interested in addressing the root of the problem, those questions that everyone else is afraid of asking. What is it, why do we have it, and what is there we can do about it?

These questions do have answers! In fact, i’m about to tell you them right now.

Remember that question from earlier… What are we doing that’s created Anxiety to be the most common mental illness in the U.S.? 

It’s actually pretty simple. As a species, we’ve created a perceived separation between all of us. I wrote an article about this recently, in which i described the great secret of success as the recognition of the connections between you and your friends and loved ones.

When we feel separate, isolated, and without anyone to back us up or give us love, we have panic attacks, anxiety, depression, all of it! There are now millions of people who are feeling this way, completely alone in the world, as if everyone around them is an enemy.

friendsWhen everyone is your enemy, and you have no-one in your life to comfort you when your feeling down… and maybe you don’t even have anyone you can comfort, it’s very easy to feel the way we do.

The good news is, there is something you can do about it. It’s something we can all do. When we begin to create more intimate, real, and powerful connections with each other, we can begin to feel safe again around other people, and step back into who we really are. The return to innocence that we once were when we were born.

You can truly Be, Do, or Have, anything you want.

With Love,

Jordan Pearce



  1. Kimelaiza says:

    wow me too i guess you just have to think of it this way . say you have 10 hours before you have to go to bed and you need to do one hour of hoowmerk before then. You can either do the hoowmerk straight away and have 9 hours stress free of leave it to the last minute and have 9 hours of beating yourself up and getting stressed. I have been a procrastinator for about 8 years and wow it has done me no favours.

  2. continued They could pick up trash on the street, clean toielts or whatever. Just do something besides sitting on their fanny having a pitty party. This includes unemployment checks. As a self employed small business I have to pay unemployment and workmans comp but cannot collect on it if my business goes belly up or if I get hurt on the job. Great system we have isn’t it? BTW I am far from rich. I have a family of 7 and live on 50K a year.

  3. St. John’s Wort, Passionflower, are excellent herbs for dpesesrion, stress and anxiety. Certain tissue salts are also extremely effective as homeopathic brain and nerve tonics. They include natrium sulphate and kalium Phosphate.It is known that our body rapidly uses up reserves of vitamin C when under stress. Good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, blackcurrant, vegetables (broccoli, potatoes), red capsicums and chillies, strawberry, kiwifruit, rockmelon, orange juice and cranberry juice.Vitamin B6 is believed to work in the brain similar to valium-like drugs hence its importance in your diet as food or as supplement. Good dietary sources of vitamin B6 are chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, shrimp, beef liver, lentils, soybeans, nuts, avocados, bananas, carrots, brown rice, bran, pulses, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, and whole-grain flour.Avoid common food allergens are dairy, soy, citrus, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, wheat, fish, eggs, corn, food colorings, and additives.For some intriquing takes on dpesesrion and anxiety, visit

  4. Hello everybody, I’ve just read this and I found out very inspiring to practice the re-connection with each other and make peace in our hearts and minds.. Some suggestion of tools to do this? How we can know that we are creating more intimate, real, and powerful connections with each other?
    Bless you everybody

  5. Utahna Tassie says:

    Hi Jordan, I ran across your article on Facebook just now. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, along with all the responses, as this is a subject I help people with on a daily basis. We came into this life knowing ourselves as pure LOVE, perfect in every way. We absolutely knew that we would be taken care of. We were very trusting of everyone and everything. As we chose to come here for a different kind of experience (somewhat like a game of Hide & Seek), we allowed ourselves to be taught and molded by well-meaning, but sadly mis-informed, parents, teachers, friends, society… They have all wanted us to know and do what they know and do. (So we could learn how to get along in THEIR society.) We forgot who we were/are, and forgot where we came from and where we get to return to. Our dear mentors may have said they wanted us to know and do better than they did, but from my personal experience, while I have been on the path of knowing and doing something of a higher truth/higher vibration, those who taught me the other stuff shunned me and did their best to humiliate me; they have called me crazy and disgusting. I let it go, because I was remembering (in some ways, always have ever since I was a young child) that I was different from them, because I did remember some things that most have forgotten. And those who have forgotten who they truly are, find people like me to be a threat. I understand that. Awakening to the TRUTH OF WHAT IS, is not for wooses. (sp?). It takes courage to change your lifestyle, change your friends, to walk a different path. But it is time for change. A HUGE change! Truth is being disclosed everywhere. Transparency is the name of the game. The veil that has kept us feeling separate is thinning very rapidly now. It truly is time that we all wake up and remember who we are! I feel that the root cause of anxiety (stress) is the mis-congruence or mis-alignment of who we believe we are, and who we truly are (in the bigger, spiritual picture). That stress/anxiety/mis-congruency/forgetfullness seems to be at the root of nearly every physical or emotional problem (“dis-ease) in our lives. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, I believe “There is a spiritual solution to every problem.” And that is RE-MEMBER-ING who we are as spiritual beings having a physical experience! There is no right or wrong; there is just experience. It’s our judgment about things that makes it seem right or wrong. Awakened people don’t judge things, but they stay in the NOW moment and OBSERVE the PRESENT. That is the GIFT! There is no stress in the NOW moment. It just IS. :) All energy balancing modalities have the purpose of balancing energy (imagine that!), and bringing a person back to a place of harmony and ONENESS with ALL THAT IS US. ALL that is is GOD. UNIVERSE. One song, one verse, one vibrational harmony. We are all connected to each other and to everything. We are all, each in our individual personalities and expression of Creator Source (Divinity), trying to get back to knowing God. You are God. God is you. Expressing and experiencing thru your eyes! We are ALL finally coming to a place of AWAKENING TO ONENESS! It may take a few more years, but there are already millions of fully awakened people on this planet. And thank God, it is contagious! When we are all awakened to the Christ Consciousness within, there will be no more wars, no more planetary destruction. We will each be able to see the Divine Source within ourselves and each person, animal, plant, molecule. We have the right and ability to create our lives and our worlds the way we want. Choose by imagining, feeling, focusing your energy in the direction of what you desire. You get instant feedback (karma). If you don’t like what you’ve been experiencing, choose something different! Life is a choice. Happiness is a choice. So is health, and anything else you can possibly experience! There are no accidents; only unconsciousness (not being present or aware). Time to wake up! The divine presence in me sees and recognizes the divine presence in you! Be at peace! Teach only love! Bless all hearts! NAMASTE, Every ONE! WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE? LOVE OR FEAR? (FEAR=ANXIETY) I CHOOSE LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. The root cause behind anxiety is fear, fear of not controlling. We tend to think, or life accompanies me or I am struggling with life. The physical body is overcome by this fear and emotions emanating therefrom. Anxiety arises when you have much time fighting your fears, dodge them, deny them, ignore them … until the accumulation of so much negative emotions in your body and nervous system leads you to anxiety. Fear can not be fought, it must be integrated.

    But anxiety comes from deeper things, is a prolonged and long-term efect of a cause, and one the causes come from encoding of messages that are totally remote from natural meaning of life that we have received from birth and throughout our growth by our parents, institutions, at school, on television… live forcing ourselves to fit into a impossible mold. We take on our shoulders judgments and ego is like a big sack. Many fruitless messages for our lives are thrown into this bag since we were children, we will take for our elders as truth, we grow up believing in these truths and eventually we just believe that these truths are ours, are ours and it´s not true. We look ourselves in the mirror and we are so confident about that we believe … plus it is not ours, it is a bio-coding messages misaligned with the thought about which is the essential meaning of life for us, our own happiness, that based on a human paraphernalia we ended up accepting. We end up accepting until we fell apart. We have to accept the structures, the abuse, the absurdity, the limitations … mostly because it suits them to a few, others merely accept them. That is, we live in a desalination with ourselves, we are forced to accept, to take the best possible… and it never ends up well.
    Here the unconditional looks at the condition. Nobody teaches us to love ourselves, maybe in the best case, you can be born in the heart of a family to guide you, support you and love you unconditionally. In my case this has not happened, I’m full of traumas.
    The ironic thing is that as a child I remember the place I came from before birth in this world. The memory of this indescribable light of unconditional love and acceptance. As I say, in this world the unconditional looks for the condition, but I never stopped looking for ”something” in this world that do connect with this place, connect with myself (and I found it). Everyone wants to be loved and accepted, we want others encourage us to fulfill our dreams, we want to be protected and know that the natural sense of unity get others ensure for us … more observed human unconsciousness, the world today is internationalized, we see the chaos and drama in it and it´s too much to assimilate, seems a constant struggle and that is not the natural way or sense of life itself, is an absolute distortion at a level of consciousness away from our own inner light. Well, come being sensitive is a gift or can destroy you in many ways, especially when you bring a traumatic childhood, a hard life. How could we not have anxiety? plus in the positive approach of the matter, we can say that the experience ourselves under these conditions is just a point of reference, a constrast we leave behind, to look ahead, look with determination that light and go in that direction, is the ideal toward which we all tend, not only as spiritual aspect but in all facets of our existence.
    Thanks, I’ve vented.

  7. Honestly, this issue is probably much deeper than that. it sounds simple enough. To have friends and have connections with loved ones. The problem seems more to lie in the fact that people / humans, have no idea anymore how to do that. How to make those connection. We’ve become so technologically advanced, people no longer have the skills to communicate with each other and yet here lies this big distance between each of us even though we are really all connected on a massive level. Maybe your next article could address how we as a species, could go about reconnectlng with each other on a massive and one to one level.M

  8. Jean-Pierre says:

    It’s so true Jordan. It seems that once we have the safety net under us, (money,friends,looks etc) our minds can operate in a more coherent and effective fashion. We can then experience ourselves in a way that is more true to our natural selves. The feeling is almost spiritual, or perhaps it is spiritual. It could be moment in the cycles that we can breathe a bit and recover for the next. Whichever the case, I think you are on to something again. Follow the bread crumbs. Kind regards JP

  9. Shana Simpson says:

    Wow! Thank you for writing this article. I have done the same research in the past few years, trying to understand anxiety. I have read the same articles in dozens of websites and even books. But I was never satisfied with those answers, with those results. So instead of seeking answers from an external source, which provided me with nothing helpful, I decided to search within. Inside of myself and I asked the questions to myself. Why do I have anxiety? What is causing mine and what do I need and what can I do? Fear!! Being afraid of the what ifs is what my major cause of anxiety has been. Leading me to lean farther away from any kind of intimate relationships that made my happy, including hugs from my kids. Because I had supposed that if I distanced myself from happiness or from what feels good, that I could reduce the risks of pain, sadness and anything else scary. Of course I realize now that fear of intimacy isn’t the only thing that has caused my anxieties. But it’s a great start for me in my seach to understand. Because I created the distance between myself and physical realationships, especially hugs and standing close to someone and even smiling, I created something like a physical rubbery wall. That when I try to lean in for that hug or to quietly say hello, as well as all physical contact with any living being, I feel like I am pushing against a wall that is pushing me back. It has been and will continue to be many struggles. But love is worth it and I am worthy of love. I feel that we grow up with intamacy fears and anxieties because of what cards we are dealt as children. You can only play the hand you have…but you can choose to have a different hand, whether to play it at all, how to play it, when to play it, how much of it to play. Ya, I did just make it sound like I see life as a game, but I do not. Life is an amazing adventure. The only thing I feel one can play in life, is the role of themselves. That is also something I am learning to understand and accomplish in my own life. As for anxiety…I can only step on one stone at a time. :)

  10. As someone who has dealt with a lot of anxiety, I really appreciate this article! Thank you :)

  11. Frank Goodman, Sr. says:

    Anziety? To be uncertain, to be confused, to be undecided, to the point of stress. First is the confusion of terms of our language. The meaning of what is said by you and to you. Your understanding of the meaning of what is told. what about the authority of meaning? Common beliefs, intuitive truth. Start with the meaning of self. Who knows what you should express as a self? Are we to please someone else of convey our own feelings? The stress of anxiety is rooted in all the conflicting statements coming at us, the conflicting evidence coming to us, the confused meanings and limits of application of norms. Now that we have the modern age upon us, we no longer have to forage beyond our neighborhood grocery for our food. If we go to a restaurant, we can have someone else kill it, clean it, dress it, and cook it. All we have to do is eat and pay what we get for our own efforts that serve others. Adrenalin levels evolved to help us deal with stress and keep on reproducing. The sexual response itself is rooted in a test and enhancement of the adrenalin flow for pleasure with reproduction unknown to primitive species and only known to man in the recent modern age. Some cultures still do not know that male or female of offspring is carried in the male sperm, or even that the sperm is a specific bundle of DNA. Only a few college graduates know about the function and role of mitochondrial DNA, let alone that it is carried exclusively by the female. Who, among you, know about telleomeres (I can’t even spell it and my spell checker does not register it)? Who knows who is right and who is wrong? Was Darwin right? Was Newton right? Was Einstein right? Was Dad right? Mom? Grandpa? Joe at work, or Jane, the neighbor? What about the priest, Pope, rabbi? Spirit Science implies that we can find answers by testing hypotheses. Philosophy tries to deal with Truth intuitively. Science tries to deal with facts, true and false. Religion tries to deal with belief by prophecy or faith. Get it together, folks, and uncover the secrets of all being and beliefs. Truth. You do not have to know the answers to every fact and theory, but you can trust in Truth to protect what is true and what is false so that you can recognize Truth when you encounter it and deal with facts changeable and adjustable. Facts are uncertain, but Truth is absolute, whether you believe rightly or wrongly.

  12. I’ve dealt with anxiety from my late teens until the present day. I use drugs and alcohol to mask the symptoms but they only make then worse after the effects wear off. I have become a drug addict, and a drunk; I was thrown in jail, psych-wards, hospitals, rehabs, you name it. Early on my parents always told me I was different and they weren’t sure what. The docs called it ADHD and convinced my parents I was mentally ill at a very young age. This is when it all began. I never thought I was different in a bad way. In school I would often daydream and would get in trouble, but I was also one of the smartest kids when the teacher knew how to draw my attention. Then come the shrinks, psychologists, and pills. I have tried almost every anti-depressant there is, and even some bi-polar meds because that word became trendy and now everyone’s got it. Nothing has help the anxiety I feel though, And you are right Jordan, I do feel alone. Completely and utterly alone, like nobody understand me, and when I try to talk to people they often think I am weird or creepy. I have my family but they dont really understand me and avoid me mostly. The drugs and ahcohol have taken away my friends, my license, my money, my dignity, and left me in a constant state of fear and panic. Its a viscous cycle and I often contemplate ending my life. Not that I will, but it seems like my only escape from the hell I live in.

    • Start anew. Go slow. Get outside. Breathe. Walk. Being alone can be great when you do it with intention. Watch people and how they cope with their surroundings. You’ll be surprised at how many are just like you. Breathe deeper. Take a longer walk every day. How long can you ho in between doses? Eat bettet today becsuse you can make that choice. Every day you can make a small choice to do something self loving. And don’t forget to walk further and breathe deeply to enjoy the calming energy that flows through you. Been where you are and I’m down to smaller doses and doctor works With. Me not against my best interests.

  13. Totally agree. You point out an excellent point that if 40 million adults have anxiety, we must be living unhealthy lives. I feel like the stress from being overworked, eating poor diets, lack of exercise, and living an unfulfilling life all contribute to the issue. Personally, I started getting anxiety really bad when I was 22. I can say I’m pretty much cured from it but it took a lifestyle change. I started doing yoga, eating healthy, switched jobs, and I stopped letting other people make my life’s decisions. It took about 2 years to move on from anxiety, but I’m happy to be healthy again!

  14. Sadness fills me every time I hear “the U.S.”, (it should be “THE US”?)


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    What’s the deal with Anxiety? – Panic To Freedom

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    What’s the deal with Anxiety? – Panic To Freedom


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