Welcome to the Beginning

Hey there,

If you’re seeing this post, it means that you’re on the new email list :) Thank you for signing up, it’s incredibly appreciated! I’ve got some things for you to look at, and some information about Panic to Freedom to get you up to speed!

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We are working diligently on a daily basis to get Panic to Freedom ready for the big relaunch! Plenty of coals in the fire, and for anyone who has ever worked on a big project before, I’m sure you know what i’m talking about, sometimes it can be a little strenuous to balance and manage so many things at once, especially if you’re a small team.

It’s funny, even we are learning lessons about transforming Panic into Freedom regularly, and our intention is to share what we’ve learned with you, and create a space together where we can all grow and learn from each other. There is power in community, and that is the road to Freedom.

The Story of the Relaunch 

So, why are we relaunching?

Well, around November of 2013 one of the servers that Panic to Freedom was on got hacked. It was not a direct hack on PTF, but another old project that had seen better days, and Panic to Freedom kinda got caught in the crossfire. Don’t worry, All of the user information was safe, nothing really bad happened other than the need for some better tech.

It was clear that we had to update technology, for we were using some older technology that wasn’t operating at the standard that we needed, and so we went into maintenance mode. The website was down for a while while we got a new server, and translated all of the old data onto new software to make it run better, faster, all that jazz.

That was the main basis for the relaunch, but we began putting a lot of effort and energy into ideas on moving Panic to Freedom forward.. what can it look like as it grows? What can we do differently?

We’ve got all kinds of ideas about Gamifying Panic to Freedom, and re-filming and redoing the main program and making it better than ever, as well as our primary focus which is to really make the Community Center an incredible place to be, of transformation and love and listening.

What we really want to have is a space where you can grow and learn and try new things and not feel afraid to express yourself. We want you to get the most out of this program, more than you’ve ever got before out of anything else in your life, and we will strive to see to it that that happens. The only requirement – is your participation ;)

So to bring it back around, there are plenty of coals in the fire. Not all of them will be ready for the relaunch, but a lot of them are in motion and we’ll be seeing a lot of new stuff as the year progresses, especially since our technology platform is built for success!

As this video below says…. Welcome to the Beginning. This really is just the beginning, and it’s going to be an incredible story we are all writing together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This video was made out of inspiration for the past year of working on Panic to Freedom. Over the past year I’ve grown a lot and really began to see what Panic to Freedom has the potential to become. It’s been a really fun journey, and when I look at everything, right now is really just the beginning. Panic to Freedom is learning to walk, learning to talk, it’s changing it’s shape based on our understanding of it as we grow.

As I look out and see all of the people i’m meeting through the program, all of the people who are so excited to be a part of it, it makes me all the more excited to be working on it. This video is about that feeling, it’s a representation of that feeling, and a painted picture of where I see PTF going, and a vision and feeling that i’d like to share with everyone!

Thank you for being here :) It means the world to me, you have no idea.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

- The original text from Youtube -

You’ve heard rumors of a space…not necessarily a physical place, but an environment. One that can be created anywhere.

A space where everyone is free to express themselves openly, honestly, and be received with compassion and love. A space where you are truly free to be who you are, and a space where solving problems, growth, and freedom are the foundational building blocks of the gatherings of like heart, and mind, from all over the world.

The rumors are true. This space does exist.

In fact, the only thing required, is your participation.

Welcome to the beginning.


  1. Hy everyone hope you doing great. My name Sigqibo from South Afrika I’m 27 yrs ive been watching spirit science for close to a yr now. It changed my life and how I see things. Ive a couple of questions I hope you can help me out with.

    I dnt know when it started ive been constantly hearing a high pitch sound especially in quiet rooms. Its not uncomfortable I just want to knw whats it all about?

    A near-death experience (NDE) is a personal experience associated with death or impending death. Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light. I want to know can people get to this state of mind by meditating if so how?

  2. hi everyone
    My name is Manish. I’m nearly 17 yrs old

    I’m different from everyone and because of that i had to face through a lot of sufferings.. I wanna do a lot of things but i can’t.. I get depressed really easily… It’s like I’m destroying myself.. I’m just lost in this whole world trying to find my way but in vain… Sometimes I wanna leave everything and give up.. I’m confused.. I’m really tired of this life of mine.. This is not a way to live… I know that my life isn’t really that bad but what the use of living in a life where there is no love, friendship, trust, freedom, affections… If you guys can help me, please do it.. I really need some help and advices…

    • HI Manish!

      I understand a little bit of everything u said. Actually, sometimes I feel like that.
      But I wanna tell u that u can be the change of your world. Don’t let bad vibrations let you down. I used to listen to good vibes musics to get some strength in the morning, because sometimes I’m just too sad to live my life,
      You are a unique person in this whole world. Your energy influences all around you. Certainly you are a very important existence in this world. Do not forget that.
      Thanks for sharing all that feelings, I live something like that and it was very good for me to tell some words.
      Positive energy for you!!!
      Love and peace!

  3. Joel Antinazi says:

    I am 59 years young and getting younger every day
    I’ve studied Health Nutrition preventive medicine and alternative medicine for 30 years
    approximately 1 year ago I got into doing sun gazing a very powerful tool for spiritual growth
    in which I stare into the Sun for 44 minutes every morning that is with my eyes open very powerful tool for prayer, meditation and positive affirmations., now you can only do this during the safe hours that’s an hour after sunrise in an hour before sunset with UV rays are zero.
    I also started using the amazing Egyptian healing rods while sungazing very powerful tool, this amplifies the effect of sun gazing and helps you to walk into your future.
    October 8th 2016 I took a 4 day workshop course from Drunvalo Melchizedek on the school of remembering I highly recommend,
    Tthis course on the illuminated heart will change your life forever.
    so I have put together a webpage on spiritual growth and which I post flyers on mailboxes all over the Atlanta area.
    I even have a web page on spirit science

    The Health Benefits of Sungazing
    The Sun is the force of life & staring at it can infuse
    the the body with large amounts of energy. Boost
    production of melatonin & serotonin ( feel good )
    Increased Health, Longevity & Spiritual Well-Being
    Increased the acual size of the pineal gland
    Increased Self-confidence and energy levels
    Promotes weight loss, Better eyesight & more
    Also See The Amazing Ayahuasca Experience
    Visit us at HealthTipsForLife.info

  4. Moderator good! everyone good! I from Taiwan, I is with website of translation English, some grammar errors please more forgive me, I is a Christian, but in I see has many this series film with era movement, I think I woke up has, no wonder to church will a voice in reminded I was blinded has, I is happy everyone are has such of thinking awakening, this let I does not alone, but I not know actual of help this world also can how do, I slightly share life of spent or other video, I friends are are not interested in, I think that knowledge is more important than my education, but we think it has nothing to do with them, you have the problem?

  5. kifrent says:

    am really glad that i signed up

  6. Anthony says:

    Hi Jordan,

    Do you guys still respond to these?

  7. Jordan,

    I know I am not the only one who says this. Thank you for all of your efforts to put this information in a single place. You’re awesome! This has really allowed me to make a positive change in my life at a time when I needed it severely. :)

    Thank you!

    • Wesley D. Lovewell says:

      Hi. Jordan. My name is Wes. I am from Bradford, RI in the northwestern corner of the U.S. I am so confused right now. I have been following the new age movement for about 5 years now and I am confused right now. For some reason I am being accused of things like devil worship when the things the new age movement clearly do not. How have you dealt with criticism from others who attempt to “save you”? I used to be christian, but That just felt like I was giving up my power to someone else. In the last year for some reason people pop up needing and asking for help. I to you may seem no different. I feel overwhelmed and with the people I do decide to help others say the information I’m giving them is deliberately misleading. I don’t understand why the people I help think I’m some kind of “lord and savior” while others who see me help others, they say I’m a heretic and say I’m worshiping satan. My family wants me to start going back to my counselor and I don’t feel comfortable with someone trying to find what’s ‘wrong’ with me. I’ve already been locked up as a child in a mental institution because of family issues and a disturbing amount of different medications they put me on to “fix” me. I’m not a messiah, a heretic, or insane. What should I do?

      • Dude,
        Relax. You are not, I repeat, not insane. You are experiencing the same shit (excuse the language) we all go through. It’s 4.30 a.m. here and I’m exhausted so please forgive me if I’m brief and, perhaps, blunt.
        Most people are sheep. They follow the herd, the flock, they do what everybody else does, they believe what everybody else believes. This is not because they are stupid (although that’s certainly possible) nor is it because they are weak ( but, again, possible) it is because we, as humans, feel comfortable with what is familiar, even when what is familiar isn’t very nice.
        There are sound evolutionary reasons for these actions.. I don’t have time to explain them all now but please, PLEASE, read the books of Professor Richard Dawkins, especially ‘The Selfish Gene’ (his first book, I think) ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ and especially, crucially ‘The God Delusion’.
        These books will explain to you why all the bloody Christians are, quite simply, wrong.
        Look into the writings of the late Christopher Hitchens as well, he has such a beautiful command of language, he is a joy to read.
        Above all, my friend, remember that Copernicus was condemned to house arrest for life for daring to say that the Earth orbits the Sun and not the other way around, yet he was right. Do not fear the opprobrium of the herd, they all bleat in unison because they are too f****ing stupid to think for themselves.
        Read Nietszche too, although he is a little difficult to understand, you’ll need to think a lot. Start with ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ and work on from there. It will take a few years to really get the hang of what he’s saying.
        Above all, remember that you can only get stressed about things you give a s**t about. Stop giving a s**t and you stop the stress. A simple lesson but it’s certainly helped me in life.

      • Barbara says:

        Hi, Wes….I was struck by your comment that “having been christian” made you feel like you had given your power to someone else…. In my own personal life, I had done the same; even “gave my life to God” by joining a roman catholic religious order from age 15 to 33. Then, in 1968 I left the convent in total confusion. Shortly thereafter I jumped “out of the box” completely, and rejected the roman catholic church. This left me free to explore, explore, explore….seek, seek, seek….As I look back now at almost age 82 I realize I had never been christian at all!!! I had merely been a roman catholic duped into believing I was following Christ by submitting to their usurped authority! My freedom and individual Self had been compromised by an institution that claims to be christian, but is really Roman…a sort of “spiritualized version” of the Roman Empire that had deliberately undermined the teachings of Jesus Christ in order to gain power and control others. Then by trying to destroy all records of what Jesus actually taught, and preserving only deliberately distorted records like the canonical gospels., they were able to equate themselves with “christian.” NO WAY!! They may have served God’s purpose by preserving the knowledge that Jesus Christ lives, but it is now up to us to find out what it was that Jesus Christ actually taught! May I humbly suggest that a very good place to start discovering what Jesus Christ actually taught is to study the newly discovered Gospel of Thomas….wherein, having been buried in the dry sands of Egypt for the last 1600 years or so, we can find Jesus’ teachings “untouched by the church.” And guess what? Jesus’ teachings that are contained in this Gospel of Thomas urge above all that we stand on our own two feet and access Divine knowledge (gnosis) from within our own hearts!!! Furthermore, these teachings are in accordance with the heart if Sufism (Islam), Buddhism, Vedanta, Native American spirituality, etc.,etc.,etc….leading to unitive consciousness and a world of harmony and cooperation where all life thrives!!! May it be so!!!!

        • Elaine Brundage says:

          Well said. I often say that the only person , dead or alive, who would see me as Christian, is Jesus. To everyone else, I am a pagan. <3

    • Zak Jones says:

      Well like in this video I was simply drifting through the Internet through pure boredom, then I stumbled upon the spirit science playlist on YouTube, this completely changed my perspective on everything I had been taught in my life, this was quite drastic at first because I’m a Christian but I’ve started to question these things, then I started to collect crystals and care for them, as they helped me care for my own, these have really been a life changer for the good, so thank you guys for everything. From someone aiming for a true goal in life.

  8. Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank Ray, Jordan and everyone else that keeps this movment going, honestly this has let me start understanding myself and others around me. If it wasn’t for this all I would be the same old person, and for that I will do anything that can help move this forward!
    I love you all
    Love, barry

  9. Nuno Duarte says:

    What’s next?

  10. I would like to tell you that…I love you… I Love All of you.. And if you find yourself in need of anything from business to legal, I can help. I’m here.

  11. Juan Galvis says:

    Hello Jordan and everyone else here !!

    My name is Juan Galvis and to start off, I wanna take the time to thank you for everything you have done up to this point. My whole life, I’ve know there was something more…something wrong, and I’ve believed in all of the things you and your community talk about. Ever since I ran into Spirit Science a couple weeks ago, all those thoughts I’ve had my ENTIRE life finally clicked together. Seeing them in a physical reality and not just my mental one gave them life. It gave ME life. Thanks to you, I have decided to dedicate my entire life to showing the world the bigger picture. I’ve always felt inside that I have a BIG purpose in the world just like we all do and I want to help not just me, but EVERYONE to fulfill it. This purpose is now clear to me and I believe in pretty much everything you have to say. Me and my fiancé both feel this way and we know we can bring huge things to the table. We are starting to follow many of the things you teach about the chakras, crystals, meditation, LOVE, energy….everything. We have even managed to enlighten our families and friends a bit by sharing this knowledge. We understand that the Earth is sick, with a type of cancer that only us humans can be the cure of. We know that GOD is everything and that the Earth hurting directly hurts GOD. We are in a sense the heart of GOD. The center of his toroidal field. Somehow, we would love to be a part of your community and help in any and every way that we can. I know you will receive us with open arms because you understand the snowball effect. TOGETHER we can be the CURE to the disease of the Earth and we can become ONE as a species. I’d love to get in touch with you so we could learn more about and from each other as well as all those others out there who are or want to be a part of this.

    With lot’s of LOVE,

    Juan Galvis :)

  12. Joy Wells says:

    How do I become more actively involved with you? Are you hiring? I’m interested above and below. ..
    Joy 2u

  13. hello guys

    my mind is in turmoil. i dont seem to know what to do with my life.
    i need a sort of ‘marching order’ from my higher self. something
    to live my life for. i desperately need a way to get in sync with my
    ‘core self’ so i can know what i really want. kindly help. thanks.

  14. Hello Jordan I have been following Spirit Science for quite some time now, I was wondering if you are willing to take new beings into your creation team, if so please email me as soon as possible as I would love to help in any way I can.

    Much Love, Blessings

  15. How do I unsubscribe? I don’t like the tone of your site, for example,using the word “panic” in your title. I was trying to listen to something from Spirit Science and I got transfeered to your site.

  16. cozyhippy says:

    I am excited to see what we are able to accomplish here. A very small group of people in my area started a movement called ” Are You Awake? ” but due to personal ( and leadership issues ) it was a flop. I have been separated from the group for quite some time ( move for employment ) and have had to work alone in a much larger city that does not seem to have much focus at all on a larger conscience. I have done what I can and opened many minds to a larger picture but now it is time to branch out and find MY support.

    So happy that we are awake. so happy to find that love. so happy that we may become whole again.

  17. Sativa Divine says:


  18. jagadish says:

    Its a beginning , it stared long before as you might be aware of previous lives but not sure where we are but we are moving constantly driving toward the end .

  19. Chadwick T. says:

    Hello all! I’ve spent many hours like you all going through tons of different videos. I am in a period of wanting to rebirth my life into a brighter, more beautiful way. I stumbled upon Spirit Science and have been looking further and further into what they say these past few months. It’s great to be here with you all, and I hope to talk soon!

    • Hello Chadwick, I will definitely agree that I’ve undoubtedly submerged myself into learning so much more thanks to the incredible team creating these videos. My whole life I have pushed to follow the spirit but get caught up in the Male. I hope to all together get us to the next dimension where our true freedom can exist together. Love to you. Namaste

    • I am Joshua, I am here to here to watch you grow. So I can learn to share. Please be patient while i shed my skin.

    • Enrique montes says:

      Hello everyone i stunbled upon spirit science a couple days ago but ive been hooked on them they gave me answers to questions ive been asking myself for a while already.im bearly staring my journey but i hope on learning more as it progresses and hope on learning alot from you too

  20. Van Santos says:

    Hello everyone! I’ve been on a journey to seek the truth and after a long search and watching thousands of hours of YouTube videos about God, Satsn, Extra Terrestrials, Religion, Creation, Evolution, Sacret Geometry, and so much more I “stumbled” on the Spirit Science site and watched almost all of their videos. I’m still on my quest, but their message is so pure and I’ve learned so much that I sm hooked. Just looking to continue my journey here and outside of here to see where it leads. Thank you so much for such outsatending work and the beautiful videos you have created.

  21. Hello, my name is Juniel from the island of the Philippines. I’m really interested to understand the realities. I know this is not a coincidence to be here in this community (i mean part in this group). This is the call of being me. I wanna learn more about awakening and to be enlightenment and love to share to everyone. To create the difference in the world, a better change. Thank you! you are really helping me. Keep up the good work.

    NAMASTE everyone!! I’m one of you for the best. Thankyou for the LIGHT!!

  22. Hey Everyone, its been a rough life, but a beautiful one as well, I am so grateful to be here at this present time, I know who I am and why I am here, the moment I decended upon this earth, falling from a beautiful place into darkness then I was placed remembering who I am and why I am here, many things may have happened to me but it never changed the love compassion and empathy I feel for humanity, so always willing to find peace to give love, we are all born of that love and so often forget who we are because of the things that happen to us, we cannot have positive without negative, even in a flashlight the batteries must go opposite ways to have a light come out of it, we are that light that came to shine upon this earth at this time as I read alot of the comments, I see we are but one, keep doing the good that you all are doing to change our future for the better, thank you to all, and thank you Jordan. LOVE YOU ALL.

  23. I love everything about this movement may god bless all you beautiful souls <3 love Debora if you ever do a speech in Florida I must know please and thank you ^_^

  24. Luis Manuel Izquierdo says:

    When I saw the movies of Science spirit some kind of hope got into me. Things must change in this world to return to high consciousness. Is our purpose.
    Greetings from San José, Costa Rica.

  25. Gerry Thompson says:

    I have been looking for a long time for something that I feel I should recognize when I see, something that fills that ache in the center of my solar plexus. I, like many here, found spirit science some time ago, as I would watch the hair on my arms would stand on end, the information I was hearing seemed so familiar, were thoughts I had already arrived at. It all felt so familiar I instinctively knew that it was truth.
    But life gets in the way of intention more often than we like and the last few years have seen me dip in and out of the spirit science site in a repetitive cycle. Today I found your you-tube site again but this time it feels different. I cannot explain but it has a different, more vibrant energy than before, it seems to shout out to me that now is the time for me to immerse myself in something that has been waiting until I felt ready for it. Well, whether it is synchronicity or serendipity at work here I am unsure but I FEEL READY!
    Thanks to Jordan and all those involved in this knew beginning, lets see where the wind and the cosmos takes us all.

  26. Big Daddy says:




    GLAD TO “now,” have some seriously smart peeps to help.

  27. Brayden Modjeska says:

    Thank you for sending out the energies to bring me here. I am forever thankful.

  28. Hello all! I just want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Jordan & everyone that’s helped bring Spirit Science to life. It can definitely get quite lonely on the path of enlightenment & Spirit Science has pretty much become my virtual family! I am so happy to be a part of this movement dedicated to preserving the future of our species! Keep doing what you’re doing guys…you’re AWESOME! Much love to you all xoxo

  29. I found spirit science some years ago. The videos confirmed things I felt I forgot I already knew somehow. Ok I have a baby and no more time for this right now. :D

  30. So glad to see this out there and so many people being touched by the good work of Spirit Science. Little ripples in the pond of humanity growing outwards and quickly. I have always sought the similarities in spiritualities and lived outside the labels we tend to tether our beliefs to. Finding others shifting from panic mode instilled by reality and the media to a positive mode has given me joy, hope and expanded my community in spirit. I’ve always hoped that one world spirituality or unity consciousness must survive into the future (even if current society and population doesn’t). Finding this connection going out on the web has given me hope that this will happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  31. Evelyn says: says:

    HI everyone! =)
    Back in 2012 i started questioning a lot about life, religion, science, and basically why we’re all here.. i started researching, reading books, meditating, and opening my mind more and more.. everything was going really good until a few months ago in May and June when i started to hallucinate and obeying these feelings in me, which at first felt so right and positive.. my family started noticing my weird behaviors and ended up taking me to the hospital, from which they sent me to a psych center. there i actually felt very connected to the people ((which, by the way, are not crazy, just going through emotional imbalances)), i was able to teach them what i knew about being positive and how it effects our reality, and had an amazing time there.. the doctors there, said my hallucinations must have been from some shrooms i took, 2months prior, they also diagnosed me as bipolar and so i had to take medication.. as soon as they let me out, my emotions started going down hill little by little, i wasn’t as energetic as before.. so my parents took me to another psych center in mexico, just to see what they recommended, and so they switched my medication, and when that happened i started getting very anxious and depressed, i really didn’t wana live anymore, my body felt dead, it was horrible, and everything i had learned about being positive, was as if it was just blocked off, i couldn’t understand how to do it anymore, i just couldn’t really think straight or even had enough desire to move forward.. its been 5 months now, i stopped taking there medication 3 moths ago and stuck with some natural medicine to help my mind.. i don’t know what caused the hallucinations or if they were bad, all I’m taking it as, is a learning experience and letting go every time it brings me anger or sadness, so its been quiet a roller coaster these past months, but i KNOW that there is something better, something good, i know there is love and that its changing the world, and i really wanna be a part of it, i hope i find friends here whom i can relate to, learn with, and hopefully hang out with sometime. i am working on being at one with myself and everything again, and i also have some great ideas on how this generation can make a beautiful and big difference in our world <3 NAMASTE

    • Gerry Thompson says:

      Hi Evelyn, I deeply empathize with you over the difficult and demanding times you have had to endure and, like many here, I wish you well on your road to recovery. I would like to offer you a comment made to me by a very humble and spiritual man I once knew when I had to endure some spiritual difficulties of my own in the past.
      My friend Ally told me that the closer a person gets to the light, in thought word and deed, the darkness does its best to steer that person away from the universal truths and the light of the source of love. It will use any means to distract you, it will use any weakness to tempt you and it will try to break you and separate you from the light that you seek. Ally continued by telling me that it is by sharing in the strength and love of those around us and maintaining the belief that you will come through that dark period stronger and more determined to continue on your path than ever before; it is by recognizing and overcoming these ordeals that enables us to help others on their journey with wisdom and courage. Darkness will always keep trying but rest assured that after a few trials, it gets easier and easier to overcome it as you continue to grow.

    • You have an amazing story. You spread love and courage to people who had none because they had lost it throughout a life of being called crazy or “not as good as the rest of us”. I have gained so much inspiration from your words and just wanted to say I have a darkness too, we all do. but keep striving towards the idea that darkness is only the absence of light and it can hold nothing over you because you as a human are a being of light and love and have proven this with your beautiful story.
      -I wish you all of the love and light at God’s speed.

    • Barbara says:

      Namaste, Evelyn! I hope you have been able to hang on to your knowing “that there is something better, something good…. (that) there is love and it is changing the world” because you are absolutely right! En avant! Much love, B

  32. Hello my name is David and I’m on the path to awakening. So a few months ago (june 2014) I start feeling a change in myself and started looking for knowledge. All types of knowledge! I was on another forum and ran into a guy offering healing. Im a very opened mind person so i gave it a try. I started meditation and felt something change within me. The guy, come to find out was also named david and planted in me a seed for my quest of knowledge. Shortly after he told me about spirit science which sparked my interest into the whole spiritual or new age movement. From there i started digging deep. I read a view books about info that was interesting to me about where we came from. The Emerald tablets of Thoth and The lost book of Enki. Both opened my mind into a new truth about myself. I now knew and feel I am here as part of Spirit experiencing this time for a reason. I can feel the coming change in our consciousness and im ready to experience it with all of you. It is a very exciting time we are in and i cant wait for this change

  33. Ornella Vazquez says:

    HI all!
    My name is Ornella. I am Mexican-German and I am living in Emmerich am Rhein, close to the Dutch border.
    I recently decided to quit my job at a big multinational food company because I felt I did not fit there anymore. I was tired, frustrated and completely demotivated of working for a company that was only focused on cost saving, reducing the quality of the products and not focused on motivating it’s emloyees nor investing in their development.
    I am currently taking time off to rediscover what I really want and makes me happy. I definitely want to find something which motivates me and makes me feel like I am making a difference.
    I would love to get to know people with similar interests!
    Looking forward to hearing from you guys :)

    • Hi Ornella,

      saw just now, that you live really close from my village. im living in Geldern and im working as well in a multinational food-company….maybe the same. wanna get in contact with me. just connect me on Facebook: Li Sasaam

      Jeah i feel as well, that im not fitting into that business but i need the money to come closer to my freedom step by step: buying a van, opening an onlineshop for natural living products, buying a piece land in Portugal and living sustainable, travel. i try not to see it to negative and seeing the people & customers on my work with love and resepct even if they have different lifes with tv, shopping, wasting food etc.

      i wish a lot of power to find your way ond doing it.

      lovely greets Lisa

  34. I’m Ryan F., a physician strictly dominated by my left brain in dealing phenomenons before… I’m beginning to harness the power of my right brain and all thanks to ‘”spiritscience”, It is a lot powerful than the left brain and provided me a lot new concepts to discover. I wished someday i can meet someone from this site personally. Well, there are a lot more about it,, im not really sure if this is the right place too discuss it.

    • You are awakening Ryan. And as you grow you will notice the light around you beginning to spread. It will be almost as if you’ve stepped into another world as you call people into your life who seem to be aligned with and share the path you are on. :)

  35. I just wanted to say hello this is Kyle Southwest Florida and found spirit science like 2 months ago and man do I feel good to be part of you guys just find this panic to freedom from the spirits science seriesgave me goosebumpsand the continuous conscious approach 2 exam to become organically grown inter sone what ever known magic stoned mind of a magician as the voice technology representation skips back and forth between realization can the technology comprehend communicate the kontagent all and it did waited for the K freestyle free throw….
    just wanted to give a little gift of a freestyle poem inspired by the moment thank you guys love you guys see you guys believe you guys receive you guys anyway you can stop and get a good…lol there went
    The voice textnowlagy… LETS DO THIS

  36. Jose R. Garcia says:

    All this is still very new to me. I am familiar with “Spirit Science” which how I ended up here. As of now (date and time) I have read most of the comments posted on here and everyone seems cool and interesting.

    My name is Jose Garcia (nickname Jr.) I live in California, in the 831 and I am very happy to meet you all :)

  37. Hi my name is Yasin,im from Germany and my friends call me jason. I watched all kind of stuff since i was 16 years old, so with stuff i mean documentarys and theorys and all kind of this videos, but it always felt like theres missing something.
    then i found spirit science, well the first video was human history… and hey look im here i didnt really watch the videos i absorbed them :P i coudnt get enough, well i still dont have enough haha. so what i want to say is thanks for showing me a path,that i never saw befor. really thank you so much.
    Yeah and of course Hi to all of you
    (im sorry if you dont fully understand my english)

  38. Hey guys. Just wanted to drop a line and say i think its great what ur doing and i want to be a part of it. I feel i may be a little late to the party, just been caught up in the mirror of the passing show, but its long past time to DO and not just watch. I’ve been watching Patchman for a while and i feel like this project that you guys have going on can change a lot of lives for the better. Enough lives even to change the world in the beautiful way you have envisioned. So, my name is Nolan, and i want to do my part in helping along the collective cosmic consciousness on Earth. Nice to meet y’all. =]

  39. Um…Hi :-)

  40. I just want to say you guys are amazing and I can’t wait to get started and ill help in anyway just give a everyone goal something we can do to help you guys and it shall be acomplished.We are all in this ttogether.

  41. Amanda Dority says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents and insights with us! I’m new to PTF but Spirit Science has been a great companion of mine since I discovered it a few months ago. I especially loved “The Crystal Move” and have been recommending it to literally everyone. Namaste :)

  42. Love what you guys stand for and supa happy to be a small part of that. Thanks for your work, Spirit Science, Pair o’ Dime Shift and more. It seems when I see Patchman it makes me smile and glow that little bit more. The consciousness awareness continues to illuminate the once not so light places.
    The last year has been a blast for me and the next stage is right round the corner. Glad there’s a movement of like-minders out there. Thank you, all x

  43. Fates De Whynot says:

    Thanks and keep it up!

  44. thank you so much for your ongoing dedication to everything you’ve ever done. spirit science is what began me on the path that i am walking now. i have been down in the dumps for so long, but reading this is bringing my courage and confidence back. thank you, again, i look forward to speaking to you all. :-)

  45. Great body of work to date. I’m happy to support in any way I can. Thanks!

  46. Natasha says:

    To Jordan and Ray. Hi :) i want to thank you for creating the videos you’ve made. I’ve started watching it recently and most of them made abosolute sense including the one about indigo children. It helped explain alot of things that i experienced in my younger years and how why i act the way i am. Before watching your videos i’ve never really understood the things around me the way everyone else wanted me to precieve it. Watching your helped fortify my way of thinking. I’m ready to help in any way I can. Keep making the great videos. Namaste ^_^

  47. Andrew Brown says:

    You guys should seriously try and make an app, I have no idea how difficult the process is for that but it would be amazing and so much easier to follow you guys

  48. Thank you for the enlightenment and illumination


  49. My first day in this website and am already beginning to see the LIGHT. I WANNA SEE THE LIGHT. GREAT WORK YOU GUYS ARE DOING. WE ARE ONE

  50. chris nicolaou says:

    strongly recommend to see this movie Called Die Welle! its awesome!

  51. chris nicolaou says:

    What would happen if you meditate on the top of the pyramid of giza?

    • Tyler Borbon says:

      Expectations are the source of all disappointment. in other words, if someone were to give you an answer to that question and you try to duplicate the results it wouldnt happen the way you might have expected leading to disappointment.

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  53. Aside from the sarcasm, Capcom and Inafune have said this beorfe. Id say its run of the mill info. Now, if we were to talk about how the secret to Mega Man 9 is that Concrete Man dashes like Mega Man X, thus hinting interest in a future MMX, then THAT would be news worthy.

  54. I still can’t quite believe that I could plbsisoy be one of those reading through the important guidelines found on your site. My family and I are truly thankful for the generosity and for giving me the chance to pursue my own chosen career path. Appreciate your sharing the important information I got from your web site.

  55. We would like to thank you once more for the lovely ideas you ofrefed Jesse when preparing a post-graduate research and, most importantly, for providing each of the ideas in one blog post. Provided we had known of your web-site a year ago, we might have been kept from the unwanted measures we were taking. Thanks to you.

  56. Hey – nice weblog, sipmly wanting round some blogs, appears a reasonably nice platform You Are using. I’m at the moment using Drupal for a number of of my websites however trying to change one among them over to a platform very much the identical to yours as a trial run. Something particularly you would advocate about it?

  57. Syazwanis says:

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  61. I intended to draft you this very ltilte word to finally say thanks a lot once again for the unique secrets you’ve documented here. It was quite incredibly open-handed with you to allow extensively exactly what a lot of folks would have supplied for an e book to generate some profit for themselves, especially since you could have tried it if you wanted. The principles also acted to be the fantastic way to realize that the rest have a similar eagerness the same as my own to find out great deal more regarding this issue. I am certain there are numerous more enjoyable times ahead for many who start reading your site.

  62. Throughout the great scheme of tghins you’ll secure a B+ for effort. Where you misplaced everybody was first in all the specifics. As as the maxim goes, the devil is in the details And that could not be more accurate in this article. Having said that, permit me say to you just what exactly did deliver the results. The article (parts of it) is very convincing and that is possibly the reason why I am taking the effort to opine. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Secondly, although I can easily see the leaps in reason you come up with, I am definitely not convinced of just how you seem to connect your details which in turn make the final result. For the moment I shall yield to your position but trust in the foreseeable future you actually link your facts much better.

  63. Old school is corolmtabfe in its own skin; doing things the way it does because it WANTS to, damn it. Old fashioned is always a perception that originates from someone else, casting into the mix whatever judgmental attitudes the one doing the perceiving brings to the table.Planters is trying to be old school with attitude; we know it’s an old, hokey character, but he’s cool, we like him, and we’re going to make YOU see that he’s cool, too. To me, old fashioned is the new UPS campaign that actually uses the old song That’s amore and rewords it to That’s logistics and expects the audience to think that’s a clever thing to do. From this corner, it seems not quite hokey/quirky enough to be appreciated as hip, and certainly not contemporary in, well, ANY way. I’m not saying you can’t do the re-worded song thing (hey, this is a guy that reworded Good Lovin’ to sell toilet paper) but you can’t do it like UPS did it. And the we love logistics tag line isn’t enough to make it work.

  64. I would like to win the sat nav as I love gadgets. My molbie phone gives me sat nav but unfortunately it runs the battery down way too fast which makes it unusable! Living in the country means I use the back roads a lot and being lost at midnight [trying to get to a function which started at 8pm!] in fog, down roads which don’t seem to have any names, is not fun!! Gadgets for the win!

  65. Thanks for your very interesting weibtse. I enjoyed it (found it on Stumbleupon). However, I would like to comment on 179 ways how to annoy people. While travelling, we met a young professor in Hong Kong who did ride UNICYCLE to work (viz #151). I coudn’t resist to send him link to your weibtse. Riding unicycle is not common there either and even though it sounds ridiculous in the list, it is reality as he is concerned. We sure enjoyed seeing him pedalling to work in the morning.Thanks again for sharing your programming ideas with all of us.

  66. hello im a newcomer and i grew up on moilbe bay one bayfront road. ive lived many places in moilbe and have experienced alot of interesting things. my brother lives off of kali-oaka rd as well and i am very familiar with happenings at the bridge as well as the cemetary. i look forward to hearing other ghost stories from the area. if you are ever interested in a few of my stories, you can contact me. jbeck

  67. You dont have to buy it. Just follow the link given in wttiren description on right side of this video and download it according to your device. Then go to your Itunes and press shift + restore and locate the firmware file that you just downloaded. Done.

  68. Jayantilal says:

    I would suggest going to a psritcahyist. They can suggest treatments and therapy. Start by talking to your GP/PCP/Family Doctor first; they can give you a referral and/or do an initial assessment. And no, you’re not going crazy but you are having trouble functioning(what does sanity mean anyway?). Get help so that you can lead a fuller life.

  69. Really big hug to all the PTF community from Mexico City! I am so happy to join this platform and so excited that its open for participation!! Please let me know if you need any help translating this information as well as Spirit Science into Spanish… Im a HUGE FAN since 2012… Really… the world has to know from you guys even if they don´t speak english… and I would LOOOOOVE TO HELP!

    I live in Mexico City, crowdest city and very polluted and I am trying to re-green everything, so far with some greenroofs and greenwalls built, I used to work for banks & corporate (my dark story) but 6 years ago I did this huge jump into a more human nature-related way of living, So I just really appreciate the opportunity to hang out with awesome people who believe that a better world is possible!

    THANK YOU!!!,

  70. There is few nations who did THE THING all the time and even today. I mean there are few nations who still love earth, the mother planet of us.
    These nations nowadays considered as undeveloped uneducated.

  71. hey im new to the PTF project but i loved your spirit science videos. Im a definite supporter in this cause and thats coming from South Dakota of all places. keep doing what your doing my friend.
    the Universe has big plans for you.

  72. Thanks guys , I’ll do my best to be a small part in the transformation that is happening. on this beautifull planet love to all of you :)

  73. Sebastian says:

    Well Ray & Jordan…. thanks
    your videos confirmed what i was somewhat thinking for almost all my life, it’s been great to have this experience of growth with you and with the rest of my enviroment (don’t know if it’s the actual word to use my english is poor)

    With your help my family is better, my relationship is better, my friends are happier and all is because of you & your videos, your knowledge has become so important in my daily thinking and understanding of my life and purpose…

    Well hope you guys are allright

    Cheers from Monterrey, Mexico!

  74. ezio bennett says:

    hey there everyone, greetings from antwerp, belgium.. its wake up time and everyone is starting to wake up alittle… but there are still alot of troubles to be solved in on this planet,, what about it?

  75. leo numat says:

    What should I do to see that light?

    • Douglas says:

      I am also wondering how to do that. But i think we are on the right place in the universe. Lets get the best of this

  76. I tried to log into the members login, after using the email I received to get to this page… and it say’s that member login information doesn’t exist?

  77. Hi, I am a new comer to all of this and i want to do more research can someone help me with links to sites and so on plz….i really want to learn more…..

  78. You guys helped me be a more spiritual kid though i am only 13 I’m very mellowed out and always thankful not to mention Spirit science also helped me think of life and my environment differently and in a good way and for that i thank u.


  79. To Jordan and Ray. You guys are truly helping the world wake up. I am from South Africa and I can see some changes in the way people interact with each other as a result of consciousness connection. But I personally would like to meet more awakened souls like myself, so to everyone out there I would really like to meet you soon. Thank you everyone. Lol

  80. Jacoby Johnson says:

    You guys are truly amazing I’ve been trying to follow all of your created things its hard to keep up but it leaves me busy such inspiration comin from a couple of people is amazing you all have helped me solo Mich to the point where I opened a Facebook page and a tumbler trying to spread spiritual enlightment thank you

  81. Brahndi Rozier says:

    This is my first time ever commenting on the things you do.I never knew my purpose in life,but now atleast i know where i belong.this is the beggining of a new era. an era filled with infinite space ready to be filled with infinite love,fun,and imagination. much love.

  82. Remained Blessed!

  83. Magdelaine says:

    Thank You I look Forward to growing and learning your insight is deep and very spiritual.

    Blessings Magdelaine

  84. I can’t wait for this to take form :)

  85. i’ve been studying spirit science for almost 2 years now… metaphysics and everything looking for the truth and i have been so happy to find more like minded people who truelly are here to change the world for the better. Thank you. Namaste Onelove

  86. Joshua Devinney says:

    I’ve been looking a lot into spirituality for the past year or so, nothing major, just browsing the web and trying to seperate all of the factual information from the intuition. This may just be exactly what I’d always hoped for, true equality in the light of all humankind. Hope the best for this site! <3

  87. bogs boracay says:

    thank you all i love you all be coz you im FULLY AWAKEN!

  88. Hello everyone! This is great :D

  89. Bisrat Eshetu says:

    Since it’s all about giving ideas that would one day change the world. I had this blurred image in my mind; about the environment we are trying to build, and I start by saying that in order for a society to function it needs a well thought-out governing entity for sure, and of course a mentally, physically and spiritually well formed particle (person) working in it. As we are doing our best on how to shape the human triadically ( mind, body and spirit) I think there is no contradiction when I say we also need to think vastly to the point of society and its administration.

    So I think I have a hint for that. Since capitalism hasn’t served well, let’s give communism another look. I hope you understand me when I say that capitalism in its fullest might work but as an individual it makes you greedy, always wanting more, never willing to share unless you have a direct profit.
    I know socialism might have its weaknesses but with the proper adjustments and the right person on top or even no one on top it might work.
    I saw the video on how the residing system is eating on the workers and I approve. It is! Even here in my country, democratic and capitalist, the situation isn’t far from being similar. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer as the famous saying goes.
    Now lets go back in time and see why it didn’t work for the Russians.
    -Even tho everyone was getting the basic needs not even to survive but to have above the average life, the population wasn’t happy. Now I am not a political science master but I don’t see that as the system not working but a problem in the people’s minds. It is the unsatisfying human nature of wanting more and more material that had been building up over the past that needs and craves for correction. Don’t get me wrong technological progress is inevitable and needed. But like in the video( i dnt remember its name) we should not be enslaved by our own breeds.
    -And, the government led a big war, even if it was cold against such policy. (?)

    Plus in every type of government, dictatorial or not, capitalist or not, royal or not old or new; it is the lack of love for the population, the ignorance of what is right there in our hearth, which tells us what is right and what is wrong that led it to fail completely. Seeing, Dubai a city I really admire, my point couldn’t have been furthermore proven. A prince up top, the oldest kind of regime, yet it couldn’t have worked better. A man with a pure objective of economical growth for it’s people’s happiness.

    So in conclusion, I don’t really have genuine answer, but I have a strong belief that this could be the path. Because let’s face it our world is far from being settled so we can only concentrate on crossing this bridge of a world to a higher dimension. And I think love could and in fact is the way.
    Once again as Ray would say, I’m just one Ray of light. PEACE OUT!

  90. Bisrat Eshetu says:

    My name is Bisrat Eshetu, I’m from Ethiopia, a beautiful country on the horn of Africa. Anyhow, as a little kid I wasn’t as exited at the things that other kids were, even tho I like sports, games pretty much playing, I used to not like competition, fights, bullying etc… so I didn’t that much fit into that mini society. Well it wasn’t that horrible, I had many friends and best friends. But when I used to see the other kids making fun of people, competing and all, I used to think is there something wrong with me or what ? And for the sake of being similar I started competing, bullying a bit but I didn’t feel so good about it, I stopped and I was depressed even more. I used to watch many movies: the bully goes bullying some kid and he end’s up being hurt, humiliated by the kid or punished by the principal and the kid laughing at him . As the movies were educative they weren’t that much concrete on their education, because that bully was himself after all bullied. I wasn’t really sure of movies having the secret to life. I lost hope, but as I grew older and my kindness was getting lost, eaten by the badly constructed ethics of the society, I tried to find it one last time, this time through the moral guide use for almost 2 thousand years and proven to be more or less successful. Both of my parents are Orthodox Christians, so I had an easy access to the Bible. I started reading it, it had a really pure message. Even tho it’s stories weren’t as rational for a 20th century guy I gave it a chance. But I didn’t go through it all, I wasn’t satisfied, it and everyone believing in it tell that: by not committing any sins you could go to the heavens and if you do so go to hell , but also that only God, Jesus and Mary were able to do that. So i thought, why ask someone to do the such thing, if it’s impossible? Plus, a majority of the churches near by were corrupt, you would see the pope passing by a starving homeless with a limo and warmly dressed. He was supposed to be the kindest! … Anyway it still wasn’t concrete enough. You know were I’m going with this; in the summer vacation of 2012, I was interested about card magic, and illusions and every thing and as I was browsing through YouTube I landed upon one of the spirit science video(all in one 1-15), I didn’t understand a single thing cause I was 14(hep I’m 16 now) and honestly I though it was weird! weird as hell! but I downloaded it for some reason. Two years later, this year, when I was clearing up some disk space, I watched it again only this time it wasn’t weird even tho it’s out of the ordinary. I understood more than last time, it had answers to my questions and new questions to my thinking. It was marvelous!
    I am not going to hyperbolize things, it didn’t change my life. I tried sharing it with some close friends but all I got was negative, only one of my friend was cool about it and I only think it’s because he is too kind to admit it. It broke my hearth because the ideas were eye-opening, revolutionizing simply a gateway to the forever dreamed utopia.
    Yet again, all wasn’t lost because people like you are doing your best to make that Shangri-la possible. I might be a teenager blinded by the rush of hormones, amplifying my thoughts or whatever, but at least I have someone who shares that dream or shall I say beautiful future. I may not be not be that much of a help right now but believe me and count on me when I tell you I am going to be there in the coming. I want to be an architect when I grow up and I will do whatever with my skills to make your my our Camelot possible. I dream of a world with a unified currency and it is love, loyalty and trust; a world were there is no starvation and people freezing to death and most of all a world without war.

    I hope it wasn’t boring, and I thank all of the spirit science members for opening my eye’s at such a young age, and I still have a lot more to learn. PEACE OUT!

  91. Hello people ♡

    Its not important how we ended up here… its important that we are here :)

    I was expecting this welcome message since I woke up

    Ill be waiting, sleeping but able to wake up again, to share and learn


    Amor para todos

  92. chris nicolaou says:

    can anybody give me a link for the emeralds tables to read them please?

  93. We’ve got this! Its gonna be great.

  94. To day I wake up, I see my true meaning in life I am no longer contained by the words of few but released by the LOVE and ACTIONS of many. I do hope with this inevitable awakening we as a people don’t fight it. JUST LET IT FLOW :) I love you all I
    see you all and I wish you all the best on you endeavors.

  95. Matt Arnel S. Leyson says:

    I’m happy to all the video you make i really like spirit science.. all of the message touch me… now i’m sharing this to all my friends and family.. i hope you make more video.. and i believe in alien and god and everything!

  96. i do not know if i have the right words to say this but i hope the meaning and feeling im attempting to portray isnt lost in communication. Ive seen my entire life as a struggle, an up hill battle that never ends and continues daily. depression, anxiety, extreme paranoia, and a sense of being lost, has plagued my life since the time i was just a small child. ive always been able to tune in to anyones emotions. even without them being able to say a word i could feel what they felt and i truly see that as a gift, but with all gifts comes a price to pay. ive felt alone, and alienated from the rest of my own species for years. its puzzled me to my wits end literally, but, and this is a big but, ive noticed a change in myself lately and i know it has alot to do with the ideas and thoughts ive learned from my own personal experience mixed with outside sources such as Spirit Science. which leads to say Thank you. very much. im forever grateful for the momentary lapses of negativity and positive cognition i receive watching your videos. so thank you. truly. let me know how i can help. Mat.

  97. Ever since I found out about meditation everything changed in my life. I’m still really young and I was already disappointed and sick of life, seeing superficial and uncaring people all around me; I used to feel the lack of something. I finally got the courage and the strength I needed to take a stand right where I would have never imagined: within me, seeking it in myself.
    It’s something I’ll never forget, and it doesn’t matter if we, people who signed up, don’t agree on everything and don’t have the same beliefs concerning every topic, what matters is: we all show commitment to reach the same goal!
    Thank you Jordan and Ray, finding your channel really helped me grow in my path! It’s time I at least try to repay you in the only way I can :P

  98. Nelson Devasia says:

    I hope we all could be one with the source and that this website maybe an oppertunity for the Real Beginning,i hope that everyone who live with all of us,could also wake up and move away from this suffering,that everyone was pulled into…
    Thank You Jordan..:D

    The day that I woke up
    Oh,that day
    I could see all the colours.
    All the creatures.
    The Light,that made it all..

    Oh That Light,so magnificent.
    That everything couldn’t just take it’s eyes off of it.
    Everything came and stopped on to it

    I wish that everyone could feel it and know it.
    As i know,there is nothing just like it
    The days we hid
    And the days we cried.
    All came to this Day.
    To stop onto it.

    Oh I wish,all the sorrow
    And all the hate
    Be brave.
    To open their eyes
    And wake up to this Light.

    Oh,magnificent Light.
    I wish you never take this day away.

    Oh my friend,i never can.
    As the words are so fragile.
    In front of it..

    Oh,the light.
    The light that made it All.
    And takes it All.

    Oh,I pray to it.
    So that one and all could feel it.
    As the Only One That Really All are..!

  99. Hopefully between us all we can bring something great into manifestation

  100. Awesome I’m looking forward to see what happens here, I’m new :)

  101. Quentin Maurice Hand says:

    i am one of the happiest in the world right now…its been for what is NOW a very long painful and absolute hard journey in my 30 years of life with only a sense of ultimate purpose within…awakening the low…everytime…these last two months have been one of the toughest yet interesting battles that ive gone through with NO FEAR because i had purpose for what is NOW…I LOVE ALL FOR ALL IS ONE FROM THE MOON TO THE SUN IT HAS BEGUN ONE LOVE

  102. This is amazing it honestly shines light on well everything to know there i allot of people who understand the connection among all of us, i always thought i lived in a dark and hatred filled world with the exceptional few good people, but thanks to Jordan Pearce and spirit science iv’e been noticing allot of people have mutual feelings about the state the worlds in, and how we want it to change and even some who see and understand things i cant quite comprehend but life is to learn, my name is Mathew Brisebois any one can message me anytime im pretty good at putting people up, even just to talk about well anything lol peace and love to everyone, and one more thing any Canadians here eh, everyone seems to be from NY lol

  103. Sixto Gutierrez says:

    Hola! mucho amor desde Puerto Rico!!! good job guys!

  104. Philippe Duarte says:

    okay hope this doesn’t bother anyone but everyday im going to leave a comment here so that anyone in NYC ready to start something for themselves and the collective consciousness field could contact me and we could do some meditations and have some discussion sessions, share experiences, meditate, teach, learn i am still new at this and just have a few friends who are in it with me but if anyone wants to contact me il be more then glad to get something bigger going!!!!! my cel is 646 639 6967 call me any day !!!! all my love to all consciousness <3 we are ONE

  105. So.. when will stuff happen?

  106. Beautiful….

  107. Anthony O. says:

    I am so grateful to be apart of this amazing experience and I would like more guidance and support. It has been difficult because I do not know where to start my path to ascension. Please I need help I want to unlock my potential power. If anyone is from New York City contact me. It is always great to meet like-minded people. Thank You So Much!!!!!

    • You bring light into my heart and i’m really grateful for that.

    • Philippe Duarte says:

      YOOOO BROTHER !! Im in NYC too i live in queens
      me and my friends do some group meditations and i would like very much if you would join us
      last night i had a great meditation and almost shot right out of my body with these new techniques we are trying so now my friends and i are dedicated to meditating everyday shoot me a txt or call me my # is 6466396967 if anyone is out here in NYC GIVE ME A CALL LETS RAISE OUR FREQUENCIES TOGETHER. <3

  108. Gary Foster says:

    Hello Jordan and Ray I just wanted to say to the both of you thank you for what you are bringing forth here , Not only your own growth and development but caring to leave the trail of bread crumbs for others to follow in your journey threw life . I enjoy all of your videos so much and look forward to each new one that pops up. I was blessed with an unusual mind that grasps much in the way of math and complex geometry but never was able to explane any of it to any one else nor find a practical application or explanation for my thoughts in till I started seeing your videos .All I can say is WOW thank you for putting the entire universe in place for others to understand. I am late in my walk about of life but want to join in with this new awareness that a world of kindred souls like your selves are creating , My lifetime of skills is varied for sure but if I may be of any help what so ever please let me repay my dept to you both . Thank you again Gary Foster P.S. I look forward to the chance of joining in one of your chats some day I am a master furniture builder and enjoyed the talk of money a few nights a go I look forward to putting a better system in place to market what I do for a living .

  109. Keep up the good work (: I’m excited to see what this turns in to!!

    Much Love!

  110. chris nicolaou says:

    H!I’m a teenger from Cyprus.Two years ago I started my spirtiual traning just for curiosity but it look’s like i was able to optain some kind of psychic power,more like future predictions about my life and the others around me.This how its works if i say something like there is no such thing it will never happen but if i dont it will happen.The bad thing about this that with that power it came along a lot of rage and hate about my self and the people around me.It’s more like am gong darkside.


    • rage and hate are nothing but a very strong emotion. most of my development with abilities came when i was at my darkest. that simply because the emotion is so strong that it amplifies what it is your beginning to develop. its not that your power comes from a dark space its that the extreme power of those emotions just makes it stronger. its like in the beginning of the x-men movie they say that the “mutation” becomes apparent in the heightened emotional space. stress, anger, rage, hatred are VERY strong emotions, this puts a magnified glass on them making them seem stronger.

      if your saying that the rage and hate came after it may be that what ability you have is forcing you to be aware of the darker emotions. this is part of the healing process, you must face and deal with these emotions don’t let them control you. remember the only “dark side” that you can go to is one you create yourself. i had some thing like this happen when i started developing a relationship with my spirit guide. i had this unexplained rage from no where, or i thought it was from nowhere and it was his way of saying you need to get rid of this in order to grow.

      i hope that helps you. :)

      • chris nicolaou says:

        thanks. but how i m going to be able to talk with my spirit guide?

        • you can find someone who can communicate for you or there are several meditations and books out there, if astral projection is something you can do then you can meet them there. if you cant there are many other ways to be able to communicate with you. they are always with you, we just have a hard time hearing them communicate. sometimes they will through dreams or music or even random strangers. ask them to show you where you can go and what you need, be open to there responses, they will show you.

  111. Darko Cristian says:

    Greetings :) . Great job on the animation series. There is any plan to translate it to more languages, so we reach more peoples ?

  112. This summer, I my best friend – a kindred spirit and the girl who’s been by my side through my entire process of waking up. She immediately recognized me as an indigo right on the verge of awakening. The first time I hung out with he, she showed me the Spirit Science video about the power of the heart; that was the first time in my life I felt like I was not alone. I love what you guys have done and I am so grateful for your presence in my life and in the lives of others who are ready to hear the message!

  113. I’ve been going through some very rough patches lately because of shifts and the last few days I can feel something growing inside. More things have been coming to the surface and deep core issues and beliefs are being re-awakened.

    What’s ironic, and beautiful, is that I asked/prayed to the Universe/God to help me start finding the answers, and for the last two days, so many things have simply fallen into place, sync’d right up.

    I hop on Facebook just now, see your message about the meeting, see another post about this site, and everything just feels right. So does that New chat room that you created, it has nothing of the old “darkness?” for lack of a better word finding but, this new site and chat room, they feel so wonderful <3

    Thank you so much, all of you, for being who you are and letting those of us (raises hand) tag along and find the strength to stand up too. Your, you Jordan and the rest of you that have worked so hard, you know who you are, as does God/Universe ^_^ but thank you so much for helping the rest of us to stand up with you *Big ole` group hug*

    You all are the bee's knee's ^_^
    Such beautiful souls you all are <3

  114. I was thinking a day ago about giving up on astral travel but then I look here and what everyone has done and how people have not given up. that has now made me not give up

    • Me too, then I was just checking out the channel for some reason, see if there was any new videos, and then I ended up here.

  115. Wow, I just came across your videos on you tube. Wow finally some one is on the very exact page as I am with views , beliefs and knowledge. Thank you this has done so much for in the most beautiful way. Love ‘N’ Light

  116. I came across this stuff with the most mysterious series of events… I Picture myself using this forum a lot in the future, probably have tons of late night talks with people i cant seem to find or connect with where i live now. Anyways thanks for putting this together, i hope to seek further open mindedness to sustainability and enlightenment.

    Has anyone considered using technology to our advantage and having podcasts weekly with topics of the week? lets put our heads togetehr

  117. I found your vids a year ago, but I then I forgot about them. I came a cross them a couple of weeks ago and now I have watched every SS vid and pairadime vid I love to watch them. It is nice to find others who think the same way I do. That there is a whole lot more out there like, crystals, chakra, astral projection and so on. So Yes I can not wait till we are able to chat with each other on here. Thank you Jordan for the site and all the videos and whats to come.

  118. I don’t really know why i’m hear , but i know i feel somthing and it’s geting stronger every day … I just need to understant and Know .
    Realy looking forwards to all of this
    Love From Montreal

  119. Tony Hernandez says:

    Glas to be here. I actually was looking for something, and I’ve been feeling really strange lately.

    Hope everyone is well! :D

  120. something iv been looking for. yay I found it a place with people like me

  121. amber lee says:

    :O….. im…not alone !! :) tears of joy

  122. thank you for being and assuring bright light in the dark times that most people are dealing with your videos help me teach almost every family member and friend to free thinking spiritualism and how to actually embrace the light.. without making it seems so impossible you put the right language for people to actually understand without thinking they do not have the intelligence for Ascension process.. we all have God in us truly we are all God’s and reliable for our planet Earth our neighbors friends and family’s well being and happiness

  123. Vyse Ramos Ramirez says:

    I’m working on a physical community. I’ve been gathering like minds who want to live on a resource based farm on my grandfathers land in Mexico. It’s very near to the capital of Jalisco called Guadalajara (which is a very beautiful city). It will be a self sustainable farm where we all put in few hours of farm work and then we would be free to enjoy the rest of our day doing whatever it is that we have a passion for doing. if you have seen the “zeitgeist” and “happy” documentaries, then you might have an idea of what we are trying to do. much love my seekers and doers. namaste

  124. Oscar Tenorio-Leyva says:

    :) :) Really Excited for this! I await the relaunch of PTF with Love and more LOVE! Ahajahahah!!

  125. josh deangelis says:

    I love all of you free minds out there that can understand and harmonize with my thoughts and spiritual goals. spirit science itself completely changed my life in more ways than one. I belong with you all and all of the participators in this extravagant yet embracing community. i would love to be apart of these community calls or even talk to you fellow freedom chasers

    If anyone would like to chat about life, light, spirit, soul, vibrations, ANYTHING.. do not hesitate to contact me at:


  126. It’s really great that I’ve found something I can relate to. These topics were things I could never easily explain and this is just amazing. I HONESTLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS NEW EXPERIENCE THAT’S COMING! :)

  127. words cant express how thankful i am

  128. Why advertise this place then?

  129. Not accepting new members WTF!

  130. Lauren Talbot says:

    I watched the hole video-call “freedom in the workplace” and could not stop listening and smiling :)
    Such a wonderful idea!

    Seems like many people are asking how to join the call and feel the urge to express themselves.
    Sooo many people..how do you manage? I believe they are all big fans of your work Jordan, well done and keep it up :)
    Glad to be here, and learn from all you people out there, how cool.


  131. Wilson Pon says:

    Namaste, Jordan. I love your site and concepts very much, Looking forward a brand new transformation here, may the enlightened force be with you…

  132. Clarklouis says:

    Hey! Good day! I wonder how can I join the community call? :)

  133. ThanK you for all your great work with your spirit science video’s. I love them! And I am really exited to join :-)

  134. Wow, no words to describe this vast amount of creativity and love ure projecting. Your vids have been one of my first introductions to these kinda spiritual themes, it got through to me in exactly the right time and stayed since then. I hooray and support every ur new project, every energy that gets transformed leaving the used raft in it’s place and searching for something new. I hope that when PTF become relaunched I can become a more active player of this fabulous game called life where I can meet all of ya where we can grow and expand together ^ ^
    Patch will be my first tatoo btw, so proud of it. NAMASTE <3

  135. 1 c1ty 1 love 1 world Florida free spirit here wanting to help push forward, thank you for being a beacon or source of happiness and sun shine.

  136. stephanie says:


  137. As a parent I use your Spirit Science videos as a tool for my children, to have a visual understanding of the topics we talk about or when things “randomly” come up. :) My son is nine and my daughter is seven, they really love them. My son even asks to watch them on his own. I really like all of your energies and I believe you are creating something very special and worth while. I am very excited to be a part of this :)

    • Wow, it warms up my heart reading comments like this. These videos are such a great way for even children to be introduced to something new, something natural, which they do not have the opportunity to delve into on regular basis. Keep up Moms and Dads of the world, we have a community to create ^ ^

  138. Excited! ♥ the spirit science vids btw

  139. It’s time for some true beauty to come to this world!!

  140. jose nunez says:

    we also need Spanish please .

  141. Congratulations, This is gonna be good.

  142. cool! Feels really awesome to be a part of this, i am really looking forward to this :)

  143. Tonya Taco says:

    I owe so much to you guys! You’ve gave me so much inspiration. Thank you for being there. You are beautiful!

    Tonya Taco

  144. Tow days ago I randomly found out about Spirit Science youtube channel and now here I am.
    I don’t know exactly what we are doing but it seems exciting!
    LOVE you guys :D

  145. Looking forward to being a part of this! :)

  146. Good luck with the new platform…. I hope we all can benefit on your great work, and looking forward to participate in the circle here from Denmark.
    Close you eyes and look for what you not see

  147. thank u

  148. Im really sorry to hear you aren’t accepting new members is this for any reason in particular or would it just happen to be a website flaw??

  149. I am so stoked to be involved. Love what you stand for. Thanks for pioneering this program. Looking forward to all the light and love this creates in our global community.


  150. Whats up people?

  151. Hello from Slovenia!

    I am very grateful for all that i have seen from you guys so far. Spirit science has really been a great help in progressing on my path. HVALA-HVALA-HVALA. Means thanks in my language :-). I am a mechanical technician and it was hard work till i found TRUTH, am doing what i can to walk THE path but i slip some times… anyway i’m moving on.
    Together we’ll make it. I mean all we need is LOVE, right?

    let us know if we can offer any help.

    PEACE with you.

  152. Greetings from Switzerland, let me know if you need something. cheers

    • Hey Roman

      I’m glad to see someone from our lovely little country. Would you be interested to connect with a maybe similar mindset :D ? I hope you get a E-Mail if someone reply you.

      I look forward to hear from you. Namaste.


  153. Daniel Romero says:

    Hi there, I’m very glad to read all this good news, I’m from Ecuator and I would like to help from here, it would be so nice to get involved in this project and share it here in Latinamerica!

    • Oscar Tenorio-Leyva says:

      Pa todo el Mundo amigo! WhooHoo!! Echate un Grito!! Desde los estados unidos, en East Lansing Michigan te mando saludos! Peace and Love! Pas Y Amor!

  154. Hello Spirit Family,

    Congratulations to you Jordan and the team, my heart beats for you. I’m sure you have plenty of content written down to last another thousand spirit episodes ( and I hope it reaches more than that ) but I thought I’d utilize the page to share this interesting video on ‘Human Energy Fields’ with everyone. I’ve check out more sources on the topic and the professors credentials so it’s all accurate up to date science. Enjoy.


    To a higher vibration and beyond!!!!!!!

    Sorry… Always wanted to do that.

  155. I look forward to sharing with all of you in this amazing journey

  156. yessss!!! count me in!!!

  157. all of this is going to be a huge success, guaranteed

    namaste :D

    • Tommy Diaz says:

      Hi! I want to say that I didn’t know what my purpose in life was until I was introduced to spirit science! Thank u for that!! I would love to begin my journey by helping in whatever way I can. Please tell me what I can do. This is all new to me and I’m so excited to see what happens next! Feel free to email me with any ideas and/or suggestions as to what I could do to contribute. Thank u so much for your goodness! We definitely need more goodness in this world and I want to be a part of it!!!

  158. I’m so ready! Let’s do this!

  159. Tha Golden 1 says:

    Kool beans! :) stoked!

  160. Doing what I can in small ways to improve the community and connecting with like minded folks in the area. We’re all very excited for PTF :D

  161. I’ve become a fan of your work through your spirit science youtube channel and can’t wait for the new site!

  162. Let’s do this… :)

  163. Hey all , am happy to join in and am waiting Saturday for the community hangout
    Bahaa from iraq

  164. alexia degroot says:

    I am so exited ! :) and i cannot wait to begin although im pretty sleepy right now and feel like i should get some sleep !
    NAMASTE TO ALL :) <3 <3<3

  165. Melvin Perdomo says:

    Thank you for this! Really excited to be a part of this beautiful thing you are sharing. Many blessings and love to everyone!!!

  166. Thank you for what you did. I love the new world that you created for everyone. This is the most fun place I have ever been and get re-excited every day that I get to live in this magnificent place. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  167. Walter alas says:

    Seems what they are doing is something that they genuinely think can change the world… Probably will the internet is definitely a collective conscious and spreads faster then a wild fire


  169. I’m ready for this :)

  170. Excited to share the experience and be apart of the collective experience for a better vision !

  171. Stefan Birch says:

    I’m looking so much forward to participating. I want to heal all these fears and limiting beliefs in me that keeps me from healing anything else. I want to be FREE!

    • Oscar Tenorio-Leyva says:

      I’m digging the comment Stefan Birch, I can totally relate to it! And I just want to add you are not alone, Im on the same Boat! :D :) Peace, Love, and Acceptance every step of the way my friend!! :D :)

  172. Parker Ellis says:

    Looking forward to this site. It’s something the world needs.

  173. Thank you! I’d really love to get all your spirit science videos i love them. Namaste<3

  174. So beautiful! Looking forward! Thank you so much! :)

  175. David2Hawks says:

    Welcome Home!

  176. I’m really happy i can help you guys in some way, you two changed my world view

  177. 13 respect! I’m ready! Grateful for the platform

  178. All of this is news to me, but sign me up. I am always interested in being a part of something that strives to make a difference in this World.

  179. Amazing!!! So happy to be a part of this

  180. Excelente me apunto. I Love it

  181. AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT, I’m am So Excited to be part of this with you Guys, Its Gonna BE EPIC!! :-D

  182. ralf christiaanse says:

    thats the way

  183. I just recieve an email from Jordan thx Jordan u made my day

  184. Alton Lindhorst says:

    THANK YOU :) You made my <3 :) !! … Later, Gator :)

  185. Once again no words you did it again guys! says:

    Thank you!


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